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The New Genocide

Updated on November 17, 2012
The art and science of Eugenics was developed in Britain by Galton and applied in the US, before being taken up by the Nazis and following transhumanists.
The art and science of Eugenics was developed in Britain by Galton and applied in the US, before being taken up by the Nazis and following transhumanists. | Source

Bio-weapons Like AIDS/HIV and Agenda 21: Legislated World Population Reduction

It has begun! Time is now critically short! We have all been deemed expendable. Depending on where you are in the world, most people that you know will be dying or dead by 2012-2013. If indeed you survive yourself, this will only be the beginning. This crime will eclipse anything Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot ever accomplished in total and combination. There are some people who consider that fully 93 percent of the population has to be slaughtered. The reason given is to save the world environment. The assault is from multiple directions and is overwhelming. Here are SOME of the vectors: You may know more!

  • A manipulated, disappeared economy, massive joblessness, hunger and homelessness numbering in billions.

  • Biological weapons in the form of AIDS-HIV (which will be proven later), influenza, smallpox, Ebola, Marburg, tuberculosis, anthrax, malaria and a host of others all at once strengthened by genetic engineering.

  • Martial law on a basis of shoot first and ask questions when you have the time. Otherwise round up and inter the population in control facilities for experiments, assembly line death, experiments and torture.

  • Engineered suicide squads that don't know they are suicide squads

  • Use of arcane weapons like depleted uranium, laser cannon, microwave beam weapons, electromagnetic pulse, weather modification and control, robots-drones, extreme sound, biological, chemical, nuclear and others.

  • A ruined environment filled with all the pollutants of planned obsolescence for profit.

  • Chemical toxins in abundance in food, water and air.

  • Use of chemical weapons to disorient, to cause mass prolonged hallucinations, chaos, extreme fear, weird non diagnosable illnesses and crippling.

  • Psychological manipulation and fostering of anti-minority prejudice and religious rivalry

  • Mis-information, propagande, lies, torture and terror.

  • Deliberately prejudicing entire peoples against minorities by misusing the ideas of religion and science.

  • Ruining of land so nothing will grow and made uninhabitable for billions of years to keep unwanted people out.

The collapse of the world economy is now well known as we are now in the grip of the free fall. The collapse has not ended despite what we are being told to the contrary, but is accelerating. From 735,000 job losses in the last quarter of 2008 to the 2.4 million in the first quarter of 2009 marks a more than three fold increase of joblessness over two, three month quarter year periods. The joblessness is by no means limited to the US. China admits to some twenty million newly jobless people. Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Canada, Japan all report accelerating joblessness. Almost none including the US has any social safety net to car for the jobless, despite the now eleven trillion dollars handed over to banks and CEOs of major firms. Despite this, big banks and major companies are still in financial trouble either needing more bailouts or bankruptcy protection. CEOs receive public threats and workers get joblessness, homelessness and hunger. Banks confiscate everything everyone worked so hard for, all with the sanction and protection of the world political states. The US state alone is more than 16 trillion in debt and Europe is enacting gouging austerity in response to the Euro crisis. The western world is set to follow Europe's lead in super austerity.

Biological weapons have a long history from the catapulting of dead plague victims over castle walls in the feudal era, to the deliberate infection of First Nations with tuberculosis, influenza and smallpox, to the use of experimental new terrors such as AIDS/HIV on target populations in Africa to the use of anthrax, the planned tragedy has been immense. There are instances where Nazis used biological experiments. Japan attempted to bombard the Americas with biological weapons in balloons. The US used biological agents in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan and even against their own troops. In the final, analysis, the rulers of the world see everyone else as expendable. This is proven in troops trained for suicide missions whether voluntarily of "volunteered" without their prior knowledge. Biological warfare will be used and when the big pandemic ensues, you will know two things. There is a cure or vaccine to protect the rulers, their families and support people. The disease, like swine flu will be deliberately spread such as it was done to Cuba during the early days of the Cuban revolution in a bid to starve the Cuban people. New swine flu strains are an experiment to gather knowledge about spread and speed of infection.

There will be no vaccination for most people because it will be a new type of infection; much deadlier, unknown by the medical community, but not unknown to the elite. It could well be a level four type contagion like tuberculosis; spread by being in the vicinity of the infection. It will spread rapidly and hundreds of millions now homeless, hungry and malnourished will be the first to die at nearly 100 percent. A deliberately weakened economy will assist the spread of the disease that will threaten almost everyone alive at the time. It is now known that AIDS-HIV is a bio-weapon because the retrovirus has been patented and it has a cure that is also patented. TheUS patent number for AIDS-HIV is 4,647,773. The cure for the disease is found in US patent number 5,676,977 and this cure was administered to all members of the US navy as early as 1985. Meanwhile, the rest of the population has no access to the cure, only expensive controls and the constant propaganda and harangue on the part of religious and/or state prejudice. AIDS-HIV is a virus, not a lifestyle! It can hit anyone of us! The victims of the disease are blamed, tormented and punished for the crime of the manufacturers of this plague who designed it on order of the elite for the purposes of biological warfare and population reduction. They have other sinister diseases in their military portfolio.

This retrovirus compromises the immune system of the victim and the person winds up dying from any disease that can then grow freely in the compromised host. It apparently evolved from BIV or FIV and jumped to humans. Dr. Horowitz says otherwise;
This retrovirus compromises the immune system of the victim and the person winds up dying from any disease that can then grow freely in the compromised host. It apparently evolved from BIV or FIV and jumped to humans. Dr. Horowitz says otherwise; | Source

Agenda 21 Explained

As a result of food riots due to massive crop failures, no social safety net, no work, poor quality crops due to climate changes, martial law will become the norm with the articles of war in place of constitutional rights. Hundreds of millions will be rounded up and placed into already built concentration camps, more than 500 of which are waiting in the US and Canada. Any resistance whatsoever to curfew and relocation will be answered with gunfire under sections of the anti-terrorist act, the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act and the National Defense Authorization Act or its variant. This is a larger scale operation comparable to the 1830 to 1867 Indian Removal Act, only this will be affected in months; not decades. Life in the concentration camps will be sheer hell and the living will envy the dead. The sick will be "euthanized voluntarily". The living will be put to slave labor much as was done in Peenemumde and Mittlewerk during WWII. Such Labor is already being used in Asia and Russia. Incentive will be provided by means of a public spectacle of torture. Food will provided on the "one calorie above starvation" mode and no more; enough to keep a person barely alive. This is already being done in Asia, India and Russia. It is suspected as being true in the US and Canada.

In the theater of war, many soldiers will be deployed as in the proven model of Desert Storm, to be unwitting suicide squads; to kill the enemy and themselves in the process. The Taliban at least gathers young boys and indoctrinates them to commit suicide with bomb belts. The new squads on "our side" will not have that level of choice. They will be unwitting suicide attackers. This has already been done in Vietnam and the Middle East. In addition, the increased reliance on drones and robots that are remote controlled and can be easily used by children via video games half a world away. If the soldier fails to get killed on the field, the veteran faces neglect and scorn at home on return for that failure. All soldiers in action acquire Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and find it hard to revert to the pre-service condition of life. Little or no post conflict treatment is offered.

The new theater of war uses laser weapons, depleted uranium, microwave beam weapons, neutral particle beams (death ray) from space, sound weapons, EMP devices and some that only a few are aware of. In emergency situations, the use of NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) methods have and will be enacted. During the Cuban Missile Crisis of May to October 28, 1962, the world came within thirty seconds of Mutual Assured Destruction. The USSR backed down at the last moment, allowing humanity to live from that time forward. During the height of the potential nuclear holocaust, the US had a policy of acknowledging 150 million domestic deaths from nuclear war and its after affects as acceptable losses. This number of acceptable losses recently came up again in the 47% figure stated by Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election. Many movies have been made dealing with this theme including "Dr. Strangelove". In the heyday of US nuclear hegemony, they considered using a nuclear strike on North Korea. They have the distinction of being the only power on Earth in history to this date having used nuclear weapons in a theater of war on Japan.

The use of nuclear weapons is an option! However, this is a last ditch effort. Populations have been crippled by using EMP devices, such as on Baghdad in 1991 during the height of Desert Storm. This instantly placed the region into the stone age without a working electrical infrastructure, while the Americans invaded at will afterward with working electronics, vehicles, tanks, jets and shot people in the tens of thousands like fish in a barrel. Everyone knows that laser guided smart bombs were directed against very specific targets. There is more than ample news footage of such activity. Recently it has been revealed that robots are being used to kill the enemy in the Middle East. Robots can also be used domestically and have already been used to defuse bombs. In modern war, which is undeclared, civilians are as much on the front line as the soldier in the field. They are the target in many cases, such as the November 2012 attack of Israel on the Gaza ghetto that has no standing army of any kind in the Gaza strip.

We now live in a planet wide garbage and sewage dump of planned obsolescence filth all encouraged by the use of fictitious value on the legalized larceny bank financing plan at loan shark interest. Five distinct regions exist in the Pacific Ocean where plastic of all sorts has accumulated that has killed hundreds of thousands of sea life individuals annually. One patch is the size of Texas! The plastic filters up through the food chain until we ingest our own garbage. These chemicals interfere with bodily processes that lead to cancers and biological based sex confusion. In addition, the filth is spewed into the atmosphere, causing global dimming and massive crop failure, causing mass starvation and food riots world wide, which were met with extreme prejudice. Landfills contaminate the land and groundwater that ends up in our drinking and bathing water. Most business in the world follows no environmental standards as this subtracts from profit. As a result, people wind up having to deal with these poisons by breathing them, drinking them and eating them. It is a fact that the bodies of some people are so polluted that they have to be handled on death as a toxic threat by a Hazmat team. They have found that these bodies do not decompose like those that are not polluted. Pollutants also come in the form of drugs, pesticides, growth hormones, anti-biotics and preservatives. The average body today contains some 85 known carcinogens and a lot more that are unknown in effect. We are being deliberately poisoned from all directions, making us a nation of stupefied half dead zombies, most of whom are susceptible to strange new infections such as Morgellon's disease, which is a strange one indeed. Some see this as a byproduct of nanotechnology and chemtrail geo-engineering going on in the environment.

On top of this horrific mess is the deliberate use of chemicals upon domestic populations and in the modern theater of war. Immediate things that come to mind are uses of Agent Orange in Vietnam, and depleted uranium in Iraq. Less known are experiments of LSD used on domestic populations as an experiment to determine what kind of effect a mass disorienting and hallucination has in population control. The object was considered as a possible aerosol dispersal over the former Soviet Union. Morgellon disease is considered by some to be just the latest experiment using nano-technology as a population control. A sick population is profitable for the drug and medical industry and is a reduced threat for domestic violence, such as food riots and drug turf wars.

We are drowning in information and there is plenty of confusion as to what the truth is. that is the nature of psychological warfare that is the preemminent form of war that is emerging in the modern battle field that puts all of us on the front line
We are drowning in information and there is plenty of confusion as to what the truth is. that is the nature of psychological warfare that is the preemminent form of war that is emerging in the modern battle field that puts all of us on the front line | Source

The rulers have always used psychological manipulation and war to control the ruled. This came and comes from a multitude of directions. Today it is a high science that is used to control the population by turning us one against the other. It is done through propaganda, misinformation, bafflegab and the fostering of xenophobia of all types. By this they hope to make us one another's executioners. By and large, the program has been remarkable successful. We do not have to look too far or to deeply into history to uncover a plethora of examples. They are groups like the Ku Klux Klan, Western Aryan Resistance, Bloods, Crips, Fundamentalists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Islamist, competing rights groups, lobbyists and so on ad infinitum. Just among the Christians there are hundreds of thousands of sects, each convinced they alone have the truth and all others including Christians not of their sect as of the devil and bound for hell. There are white groups that hate blacks and black groups that hate and refuse to deal with whites. Jews, Muslims and Christians all hate one another but can agree on a single point of unity and that is against gay people. If they dropped all other beliefs and united on this one point, gay people everywhere are in extreme danger. But they don't have to agree to focus world attention against gay people. Political people of all stripes are in the same state of division as Christian sects. They all serve to confuse with a tsunami of misinformation that the disoriented population has to wallow in and wade through. Jay Gould said it best when he stated "I can hire on half of the workers to kill the other half". But where did he get all the wealth to propose such a thing? He robbed it from the very workers for which he has such disdain. The Rothschild family went one better and hired both sides to kill each other and invested in wars on both sides. The rulers know our strengths and more importantly our weaknesses and these are all pitted against one another. The strong are encouraged to take advantage of and take down the weak.

In order to hide the truth, bury it in a super mountain of lies and misinformation. If more than 99 percent of what you see and read is deliberate misinformation, it makes the truth all that harder to find and encourages massive anti-trust. If we can't trust anything or anyone, we become totally crippled as a potential threat by way of a mass movement. Being manipulated to lack trust in and hate one another, we do the job for them that they cannot do alone against us. Propaganda encourages hating and attacking proxy enemies whether they are Muslims, colored or gay people. People are led to believe in lies and encouraged to accept torture as an acceptable punishment to extract information or control a larger population. The example of the rulers encourages the cops to use tasers on innocent people and street thugs to round up and torture competition. All of it is designed to terrorize the domestic population while we are given the propaganda about a war on terror. The war on terror encourages us to terrorize one another. Many people are driven to suicide by all this pressure and terror. Even the economy is used as an implement of mass control and torture. Psychological torture abounds everywhere you look. We live in a bullying world and are brutal in our execution of the will of a secret ruling elite. We are doing the job for them that they cannot do on us by themselves. This is the greatest deceit!

Such is the state of fear that science and religion can be used to engender xenophobia of one mass group against all others and vice versa. It sounds extreme to say that science is used this way, but it is through the psychology of mass control and crowd control. They have identified several types of crowds and how each can be converted to another type in order to affect certain goals. During the Watts riots and later the Rodney King riots, the state was able to bring these explosions under rapid control by quickly deploying a leader to turn the peoples' attention away from street justice to the delay tactics of the state. In the current era, Barrack Obama has been deployed to keep the black population that is taking the brunt of the financial collapse and imprisonment from exploding into a sweeping revolution. Obama has been projected as the savior of America and the world when he can be more properly seen as a Judas against the people who most believe in him. Unfortunately, he is merely the face presented by the real enemy who remains hidden. This buys time in order to affect total control of all aspects of life and who lives and who dies.

The very worst of the enactment of the new genocide is the ruination of the land. Roman imperialism did it by salting the land of enemies so that food could not be grown. Some of this land is still in ruins to this day and nothing can be grown on it. Agent Orange has ruined vast tracts of land in Vietnam with the same result and more. People who live there are sick and give birth to deformed babies to this day. In Iraq, depleted uranium, (U238) was freely used against the Iraqis with even worse results than in Vietnam. The land in Iraq now as radioactive as the Urals around Chernobyl and will be unusable for the balance of the history of the Earth, some 300 to 500 million years when the sun gets too hot to allow any life on Earth aside from extremophyles. As land is in shrinking in quantity due to rising sea levels, there is increasing competition for a shrinking resource base. This means that people are going to have to go according to the rulers. Instead of turning the damage around, they have damage control against the people who built this civilization from the ground up.

Enter Agenda 21, a program and design to reduce and control the world's human population. “Anyone who cannot for various reasons, carry their share of the elite's agenda, is targeted for elimination as they are seen as a drain of valuable resources and a threat to the ecosystem of the planet. In Nazi Germany, the mentally ill were gassed long before any concentration camp was used to mass slaughter the Jewish people and other minorities. Today, there are two terms circulating around the media and these are “useful idiots” and “useless eaters”. These too are seen as a drain on resources. Thus social support programs are being slashed around the world as in Nazi Germany, for seniors, the unemployed, the handicapped and other minorities. Coupled with this is eugenics and the new transhumanism. A select group of people identified as having potential to improve the race will have access to technology that will extend life, improve health, increase strength and make people eternally youthful and beautiful. We can be sure that this will not be universally available for reasons already mentioned.

Part of the problem in all of this, is that the strongest and healthiest wind up in wars and getting maimed and killed while the lessor people remain away from the front and reproduce themselves passing on bad traits while the best are killed off. There is a move to change this trend, so that the best traits can be passed on. In Nazi Germany, the defined elite were required to have several carefully chosen wives and to have as many children as possible. “Untermenchen” or sub humans were sterilized so they could not reproduce. Many of these were murdered off later anyway to stem the flow of valuable resources into wasted lives. The new transhumanism proposes similar ideas, but in a more subtle way. There have been many incidents of forced sterilization in the US since the beginning of the eugenics program. There is a highly visible idea that is seen over the internet concerning the Agenda 21 program for the world and its supporting evidence in the Georgia Guide stones and emerging national and international policies. Some label this as mere hysteria, but one has to wonder when legislation such as Codex Alimentarius (2) is now law among many others. The concept of “useless eaters” is used to sell the idea of the waste of resources on useless people who don't do anything but consume and pollute. Sustainability thus contains a dark side insofar as that the population has to be sharply reduced if the remainder is to have a lifestyle enjoyed by the richest in the most technologically advanced nations. Clearly if everyone alive today lived the way of the top consumers, we would need six earth like planets. Conversely, by getting rid of at least 82% of the population, the earth would be able to barely sustain the remainder at the top of the consumer pyramid. Everyone wants a healthy world, but we cannot have one in the current way of doing things unless there are some radical changes. There are many ideas, but the one favored by the established top consumers is the one of substantial population reduction rather than the development of alternative energy systems and family planning.

We are obsessed with a lot of ideas today and most people do not have a say which ones come into play. Too busy with the day to day demands of survival, most people work unaware of what is transpiring in their very midst. They turn their attention to sports and shopping instead, encouraged by politicians who say “Keep shopping!” There are plenty of distractions designed to turn attention away from what is really going on behind the scenes and in plain sight. The media is almost totally controlled so that only elite approved information gets to the duped masses.

In all of this, we have the presence of the big lie. Lies are endemic and all around us in myriad forms. Lies are so pervasive, it is hard to know what is true. It seems that everyone has their ax to grind for one cause or another. In a finite world of limited resources and the lusting greed for profit, one of the ways to win the prize is through lies, misinformation and contradiction on a huge scale. But that in itself is not enough. One has to win the faith of the masses to believe that the big lie is the truth and that anyone who contradicts that truth is the liar at best and a terrorist at worst. The bigger the lie and the more often it is repeated, the more people will believe it to be “God's own truth”. Often, all too late, people wake up to the fact that everything they believed in was wrong. There is no correcting the past, but we can learn from our mistakes.”(1)

Some of this is now history and some of it is yet to be done. Humanity is beginning to awaken, but are they awakening fast enough? Do they realize that the three most profitable industries and also the most destructive are war, slavery and drugs? Do they know that these are vectors of their collective genocide? Do they know that a violent class war has been acted against them since the inception of written history and that it is now intensifying in these their final days? Do they know that everything they have seen in the last decade has been orchestrated from on high to engender a state of mass paranoia? Even the very beliefs have been shaped so that people believe they are in the end time and will accept torture, sickness, homelessness, poverty, disease and constant harassment as the norm in the earnest expectation of a manifestation of a savior. Even the savior will be a hoax and some suggest it will be done in a project code named “Project Bluebeam”.

What remains to stop the new genocide? The working people of the world! Stop it we must and we must do it with international dual power to bring down the wicked world order of the international bourgeoisie. The producers of the world must break with nationalism and patriotism and adopt internationalism. If the elite want to stop the economy, we can oblige them and occupy all the productive facilities of the planet, stopping all production, until the bourgeoisie falls to their knees begging for forgiveness. Because of their crimes against humanity and nature past, present and planned, It is the council that forgiveness is from God; we do not forgive! Nor shall we forget in this life and all the lives of generations to come! Let the condemners be condemned!





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