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Theaters open- Mumbai has chosen a different path

Updated on May 15, 2010

News&Views Feb 2010

Feb 12 2010

Mumbai has chosen a different Path. MNIK opens with full houses in the whole country.

Good! Indeed. In the morning they were not so sure but by noon theater owners got confident and one by one all opened. Though intimidations started in Mumbai by Shiv Sena, MNS leaders had also started spreading out to other cities in the country but they fizzled out.

Yesterday I had expressed fears that without action on top leaders, whose intimidations are the main cause of concern, theater owners will not feel confident. But finally Congress government did not have to take any action against top leaders. Just a little firm voice from top government ministers and administration was enough for a spark and middle class people of Mumbai took things in their own hands and came and watched movie "My name is Khan" with double enthusiasm. I watched on TV crowds near multiplexes, several were saying exactly what I have been arguing. "Let us stop this kind of targeting individuals by any political party. Let us get into a better managed country mode" Indeed this is the voice of silent majority in India. This courage is what you expect from silent majority in India and particularly in Mumbai. They do act some times quite effectively.

Our media and press anchors and editors leave no chance to throw all their abusive words on Modi and Gujarat but in Gujarat crowd acted in the same manner. It is also rebuke to our Media-Press people who had started predicting otherwise right in the morning without proper investigation.

I also heard people speculating "Shiv Sena or MNS have capacity to create a bigger law and order menace. But they did not go to that extent? Was there a deal ? Some compromise?"

What ever be it time being it looks like Congress government has managed again its governance just above the minimal level of chaos (see News&Views Feb 2010 Congress Budges and other articles in links below ). Let us see how long it can continue with this minimal style. As I wrote yesterday it should change its style. Now nation's economics and people's needs and expectations are very different. Let us hope this incident inspires Congress as well as BJP to review their styles and they get ready to provide better managed administration.

Shah Rukh Khan again handled quite well and in quite humble, very Indian style. "If anything I have said wittingly or unwittingly to have disturbed any sentiments... I wholeheartedly regret... and I love you very very very very much, thank you,--- I promise, I will only make wonderful films from now on forever"SRK tweeted (see link below)

'MNIK' opens to packed theaters across country.

SRK apologises to fans for controversy

Multiplexes across Gujarat start screening My Name Is Khan after cancelling first show

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News&Views Feb 2010

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    • profile image

      soumyasrajan 6 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Thanks a lot Binaya! I also enjoyed all your articles.

    • profile image

      Binaya.Ghimire 6 years ago

      As India's neighbor, for years I have followed bollywood and dramas performed by National school of Drama in Kathmandu. I enjoyed your hub very much.

    • profile image

      soumyasrajan 7 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Hi! nadp

      Thanks a lot! Yes you are right. Actually I covered this incident for 5-6 days. Links are given below the article. The first one (with the title News&Views Feb 2010 Politics-India Shiv Sena ) gives some details of the problem.

      If you like do go through all of them to see what was happening during those 5-6 days and my reactions to it in links given above. But I think you got the idea well.

      Yes main problem is exactly as you guessed. Local politicians were using local pressure groups (who are not on exactly right side of law and do indulge in violence often) to play their own dirty games ( it is much more dirtier than what happens in USA, at least there politicians are careful not to create law and order problem- here they use local pressure groups to prevent normal functioning of daily life some times and to generate corruption like taking bribe money which they themselves may find difficult to take directly ).

      But finally in this case silent majority won.

      In USA I think some what a similar situation is being built with this decision to allow a mosque to be built near the site of 9/11 (In India such acts we call vote bank politics). But I doubt now that sentiments of silent majority may be taken care of in this case.

    • nadp profile image

      nadp 7 years ago from WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA

      I wasn't familiar with the particular issue you were writing about, but still I feel like I got a quick little glimpse into life in India. What struck me about it was the similarities to something I think (hope) is going on here in the USA - th voice of the silent majority. It has seemed as if Congress thinks they can continue to ignore their job - representing their constituents - and there will be no consequences. I hope the elections in November prove them wrong, as the public did in India concerning the film.

    • profile image

      soumyasrajan 7 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Thanks a lot Teresa for a visit. I agree with you. Your comments always are inspiring.

    • Teresa Laurente profile image

      Maria Teresa Rodriguez - Laurente 7 years ago from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

      Great information, thank you for sharing. Yes, I agree that nothing comes out perfect in every new venture. But, somehow, things will come out well in the end for the good of everyone. More power to you soumyasrajan