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Tiger Woods And Barrack Obama - A Look At Racism In America

Updated on April 30, 2012


The idea is as old as civilization. There are many forms of it, and they cross all of the boundaries that we have created as people of this planet. In my experience, I have yet to find a single culture that did not promote some form of racism in it's cultural normals. That fact disturbs me. As citizens, we rarely approach the subject due to the fear and anxiety that is attached to any conversation about it. Therefore, we never make any head way due to our innate denial. The issue drives a breed of separation that is eating away at our communities, and fostering an America that our forefathers would not be proud of. Many men have sacrificed their lives for our right to be free and equal. Those men came from many different races, but all shed red American blood for our way of life. When did fear and ignorance become more important than fact?


Barrack Obama

promotes ideas that protect human lives and rights but he is hated by many. Most of those who hate him, do so for one of two reasons. Either, they were raised in such a way that racism is a way of life, or they are just plain out greedy people who want to see the poor pick up the tab for their tax evasion tactics. I will focus on the racism side of the coin for this hub. President Obama is a good man, if you ask me. His agenda is one that promotes wealth and wellness for all of the people in our nation. He was voted into the aftermath of the chaos that GWB Jr. created, and has done an excellent job of trying to restore our nation's reputation and economy considering where he started. Yet still, there are large segments of society that will not support him just because of his mixed heritage. I have heard him called all sorts of slurs, and it is disgusting to me. The man is the leader of our nation, and he needs our support if he is to ever take back some of the power to the people that was granted to corporations by the republican machine. Our nation is divided in distrust, one that is based on unnecessary fear. There are bad people out there, and those bad people come in and from every different shape, size, color, creed, and country in our world. Evil needs to be the enemy, not the pigmentation of the next persons skin.


Tiger Woods

is an excellent example of a different form racism that is rampant in the United States today. There are so many people that still hate him for his indirections in his marriage. When was the last time some one was angry at Bill Clinton for his affair with Ms. Lewinsky? Listen folks, just accept it. For as long as there has been society, men in power have had concubines. The practice dates back to the B.C. time period, and then on into the stone age and is prevalent in nature to this very day. When are we as a group going to accept what is natural and stop trying to deny our human nature? Tiger Woods was the best golfer in the world, and a lot of women wanted to sleep with him. He made bad decisions, that doesn't make him a bad person. Mr. Woods has been a good role model for many aspiring golfers, as well as a philanthropist with his earnings. There are a lot of positive things that can be said about the man, but many golfers and citizens in general are appalled by his actions and won't let it go. We can no longer let our preconceived notions and comfort zones dictate our cultural norms. The ideas of slavery and segregation are still alive in the minds and hearts of those who were raised in those times and ways, and will not be overcome until society unites. Only when we can look forward to seeing another skin tone and expect a positive outcome will we be free to have true success together.

These ideas are not limited to the people and situations that I spoke of in this article. Racism affects many of us every day, and dictates a lot of our decisions. I believe we need to unite in order to overcome the obstacles that are to come in America. Our world position is changing, and the USA's productivity is dropping. The parties of our government are at war with each other. We the citizens are paying the price. The cultural divide is what allows the corporations to continue to make the rules, because we are not all on the same side. On the day the "We The People" means just that, our leaders will address the people's issues or be ousted by the majority. Exactly how America is supposed to be!


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    • suzettenaples profile image

      Suzette Walker 5 years ago from Taos, NM

      Bravo! I agree with you wholeheartedly. Racism is alive and well in the U.S. Shameful! This is well written and well thought out. I enjoyed reading this, but how sad that you had to write something like this.