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Tony Blair Just Cannot Accept His Millions and Go Away Please, He Always Wants His Say

Updated on February 21, 2013

He Must be Joking but sadly guess he is not

When you think about Tony Blair what immediately springs to mind is not the Peace Process in Northern Ireland but the War in Iraq and his failure to grasp the debacle that has been seen in Iraq since the first day it started.

Tony Blair

He wants to leave a Legacy after all!

Many reasons to have your doubts or unlucky for some they may say.

  • He is alleged to have made a pact with Gordon Brown re the Premiership but then took his time to give Gordon what he wanted. Thank Goodness some may say after all the bitter in fighting that went on.
  • Alistair Campbell, his much loved “Spin Meister” and the Dodgy Dossier, utilising information off the Internet, ostensibly written by a student, and the spin about Weapons of Mass Destruction and the 45 minutes delivery system threat all alleged, spun to the public and anyone else listening.
  • The Dome and Peter Mandelson, the Hinduja Brothers passports, the alleged mortgage irregularities re loan on property Mandelson acquired using money borrowed from a fellow member of the Government.
  • David Blunkett and his sorry family and mistress saga, alleged misuse of Travel Tickets, albeit repaid, alleged misuse of Government stationery, alleged fast tracking visa and passport enquiries for Au Pair and alleged chasing of certain exam results.
  • Tessa Jowell and her husbands’ alleged £350k fee scandal that it is alleged came from Silvio Berlusconi who also happens to be an alleged great friend of Tony Blair.
  • Alleged declared gift of £125 watch from Silvio Berlusconi, who ever heard of Berlusconi gifting a watch of such meaningless value?
  • The saga of the Bristol flats his wife did a deal on using Ms Caplin’s partner for advice, didn’t he turn out to be an Australian conman?
  • The George Bush puppet scenario many people claim he fulfils, as he was so keen to support Bush and Co in their illegal and ill judged war in Iraq which many predicted would become the morass it now has.
  • Keith Vaz and his alleged improprieties which led to him having to leave the Government.
  • Steven Byers and the Railtrack saga we all now know about and Steven Byers’ Secretary Joe telling everyone to bury bad news when 9/11 occurred.
  • Complete U turn on his attitude to Ken Livingstone once Ken had won the vote for Lord Mayor ofLondon.
  • The loans for Peerages scandal that shows the clever use of the rules that all lawyers must have the skill to do.
  • Two Jags, Two Shags Prescott certainly knew how to cause a stir, never mind punch up how about Grace and Favour Bonk Up.
  • Charles Clarke and the Home Office Debacle, enough said.

When you read the above it makes you realise that either Tony Blair is a very bad judge of people and circumstances or else the ultimate sufferer of Murphy’s Law with so much going wrong or else what??!!

Alan Bowman 06062006 ©


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