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Organized Religion: Does it Stifle, or Promote, Spirituality?

Updated on January 6, 2016

Prayers that fall on deaf ears.

people praying in a mosque
people praying in a mosque | Source
people praying in St. Peter's Basilic
people praying in St. Peter's Basilic
a young man prays for guidance
a young man prays for guidance
a group of people studying their bible
a group of people studying their bible
an abused woman praying for help that will never come
an abused woman praying for help that will never come
a business man praying for more wealth
a business man praying for more wealth
a brainwahed innocent child praying for what he does not understand
a brainwahed innocent child praying for what he does not understand

Views on modern day religion

We are all living in a 'material' world.

Spirituality and religion are not one and the same.

Religion stifles spirituality.

Spiritual growth is essential to humanity, religion is not.

"Organized Religion is the Enemy of Spiritual Growth:

This statement is a profound truth that no-one can repudiate or disavow.

The truth of this statement is evident in the history of religion standing firmly in the way of individual spiritual growth and development.

The Creator of all that is, is way more intelligent and enigmatic than religious leaders allow him/her to be.

Placing the Creator on the same mental level as man, is not only arrogant, ludicrous, and inane, but grossly insulting, at the very least.

Stifling spiritual growth by brain washing techniques, generation after generation, needs to be more closely examined for what it truly is.

It is merely an exercise, by religion, to stifle and prevent individual ideas. Ideas that might cause reasoning by logical conclusion to take hold. For fear that in doing so would exculpate the authority of the churches and their religious leaders.

The loss of this absolute power and control by using fear and guilt, would be devastating to the institutions of religion and their subliminal mind control over the masses around the globe.

There are many rational realities and concepts yet to be examined and explored, understood and accepted, as viable alternatives that will promote individual spiritual growth, that would provide a better understanding of the nature of our Creators.

Modern religions paint Him/Her as a vengeful, egotistical and needy 'individual' that demands unconditional adoration, and unfettered 'power' and 'control' over our thoughts and concepts. But, this absurd characterization is only by man's imagination, and certainly not based on any type of reality.

Individual Extensions

We are all individual parts of one whole. Simply extensions of one universal entity that is exploring, learning and expanding. We cannot punish a thought or an emotion. We try to punish individuals for having those thoughts or emotions, but this is incongruent with the concept of all individuals being part of a whole.

Much like poking your eye out for looking at something that someone else deems inappropriate. Or mandating morality based on your own concept of what morality should be. Or Punishing another for anything that you alone would perceive as a 'sin'.

What if each galaxy in the universe had a living, sentient, entity controlling and creating realities that are both physical and spiritual. This concept cannot be excluded from possibility.

Especially with such vastness of intelligence, evolved through immeasurable eons of time; far beyond the sum of mankind (living, dead or yet to be born) that we, with our limited brain functions will never be able to comprehend.

Confined within itself (in the form of what we call the black hole) in the center of each galaxy; totally without matter, dwells a vastly evolved intelligence (spirit) capable of creating all that we see in each galaxy.

Capable of fractionalizing thoughts into innumerable separate parts, but always remaining connected to the whole. A concept that mankind is not yet capable of grasping, simply because we try to define all that is, by our own limited capacity to comprehend complex ideas.

Creating ideas that could transfer those thoughts to a complex 'electrical helix' that would produce a host (body) (soma) that was capable of housing that thought portion, for a sustainable period of time. A temporary expendable host that can feel, think, dream, create, and reproduce to provide future hosts for future fractionated elemental electrical thoughts to dwell in. The very 'Essence of Man' - what we call the 'soul'.

Science fiction vs science fact

Does this sound like science fiction? For those of you who may think so, isn't this what man is trying to accomplish by creating thinking, sentient computers, or robots? Do not sell our Creators short.

Everything every human host feels, thinks, does, and dreams is related (reported) back to the Creator (the black hole entity - the white light) and becomes reality, in its own growth, and quest for knowledge. Nothing experienced outside itself can ever be lost or wasted due to this un-severable connection; (Some refer to it as the 'silver cord' ) which is only severed at death of the body, just as the umbilical cord is severed at birth.

The hosts in which the entities (spirits) (souls) are housed are too limited to be anything more than a very small part of the whole process. And yet, we insist on elevating our bodies to status of spirit, due to this lack of understanding.

Within each of us, as individuals, there resides a myriad of thoughts, sensations, emotions and sense of "physical" reality.

If every thought (soul) (life force) in every physical body were synchronic, it would definitely diminish the learning experience. By individualizing and allowing free thoughts and actions, the learning is proportionately more diversely educational.

As one can see, the complicated necessity of individuality is the best resource for diversity in learning. The quest for knowledge should be our first and most important priority in this lifetime. Not material gain. We do retain our knowledge after passing over, but not our gold.

The game of life

Like a virtual reality game in which the individual mentally enters the game, controls the environment of the game, and attains different results each time it is played.

Multiply this by billions/trillions of thoughts, emanating from a single entity (the black hole - the white light) into billions of individual human hosts, and the combined attainable knowledge is indescribable.

One would think that the brain washing techniques of religions would serve little to no purpose, but it does create an understanding of that concept, as a lesson in itself, of power and control over others, and the corresponding emotions of fear, and exhilaration, from that control. Then add the subsequent emotions gained, from attaining the freedom of total emancipation, away from that fear and control. The only way any spirit can understand the concepts of the physical world is to experience it on their own as an individual, not a group.

Moving forward

I see this subservient experience as having run its gamut; and now must be eradicated as the rebellion of the middle east is predicating. Time to move on. Time for greater individualized growth, and greater enlightenment toward the spiritual growth of the individual and ultimately the whole. The good, bad and the ugly, all needed to be expressed, learned, and incorporated, into the learning process in order to move on; and for our spiritual journey to continue.

You know, get it all out of your system, so you can now grow spiritually. The age of enlightenment is at hand. This is always what i hoped i would get to witness in my life time.

It will be difficult for some people to shed their inbred religious beliefs, as well as those that have more material things than they need in this life time, when they realize that greed and lust for power is more of a burden than a benefit to humanity as a whole; especially for future progression and spiritual growth. Perhaps it is also the time to shed the self absorption, self indulgence, and self serving attitudes that our society has so readily adopted over the past years.

These things serve no purpose in the grand scheme of things. Money, wealth, and power cannot be carried on to the next plane of existence, and when we all cross over, we will be equals in all aspects of that existence. We will all share every individual experiences with one another and with the Creator, and understand them only to the extent of having 'lived' those experiences, as they are only relevant here in the physical world.

The continuum of spiritual reality in the next world will hopefully integrate all that we have experienced here in the physical world, and be shared by all "souls" as we return to our "Oneself". After all, we are ALL only a small part of the 'one creator' , and like it or not, our Creator is only one of billions in the universe.

So, even the most pious, and the most evil among us, are still to be part of the integrated whole.. Otherwise their experiences, no matter how bizarre, would have served no purpose at all.

We are one

We are one

We must Never think for one moment that any one person is "better" than someone else, for we are all just a minute (sub-fractional) part of the sum of the whole of all of us, and all of the knowledge that has been gained throughout the existence of time as we know it.

These are the concepts of Spiritual Growth. All of our thoughts, and words, are a direct manifestation of our Creator's blessings. So, please live your lives, each day, as if it will be your last one on this earth, for it just might be so.

Perhaps the title of this article should read: "Organized religion has been the enemy of Spiritual Growth - Time to Abort". or simply "Living in the Material World".

As Shakespeare said: "the world is but a stage; and we are merely players on it."

''Humanity is lost within the material world. Self serving captivates the connectivity between all things; And we have lost our sense of oneness with the Universe as a result.'' (anon)

by: d.william 02/26/11

I am just a material girl in a material world


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 4 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      thanks for your comments. You are right on track, and i could not have said it better. Thanks again for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts with others.

    • profile image

      geekgirl911 4 years ago

      I have been telling friends around here in the Bible Belt who have tried church after church after church to stop looking for some "group" to fit into. I too believe the time is now for us to turn inward and begin to start taking personal responsibility and stop clinging to groups of people trying to remain unaware. These religions groups provide a "sense" of safety but they also provide distraction and doctrine that leads the individual further and further away from personal responsibility and spiritual enlightenment. Thank you for speaking up!

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you, kindred soul, for reading and commenting. Too bad we could not convert the rest of humanity to the logic of truth..

    • MysteryPlanet profile image

      MysteryPlanet 6 years ago

      Right on! I am a spiritual person who believes in God but I am very much against organized religion and denominations. I believe that they do nothing but separate us from each other and from the truth. I have no doubt whatsoever that Jesus would NOT approve.

    • Sam9999 profile image

      Sam9999 6 years ago

      A lot of thought went into this hub. The ideas that you present reflect feeling I have had about organized religion for some time. Great Hub!

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      thank you so much for reading and your words of support. I loved the video. thanks again.

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 6 years ago from Isle of Man

      This is a great hub full of your wonderful energy. Religion was always meant as a sign post directing Man but some people mistake the sign post for the destination.

      And here is my thank you to you...