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What are the MAIN STEREOTYPICAL REASONS given as to the reason lower middle, working,

lower class children WON'T EVER become educated nor affluent in America? There are many articles written, stating that children from the lower echelons of society don't have the educational, cultural, & familial tools necessary to succeed in America today. One can say that such children are doomed from the start. It is strongly surmised that a poor child today will be poor, even poorer in the future....


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Diana L Pierce (Diana Lee) says

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22 months ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 22 months ago

    WELL SAID, Ms. Pierce.There are some doubters who aver that in order to REALLY SUCCEED,one must be solidly middle class or higher. There are some who strongly disavow that poor children succeed. We know better look at Oprah & Mark Wahlberg