Are you an incidental Libertarian?

  1. innersmiff profile image74
    innersmiffposted 5 years ago

    Those who argue for choice in the abortion debate, along with those in favour of marriage freedom, may have a point - the government really has no right to get involved in either of these areas (depending on whether you believe life begins at conception or not, but that's another debate). However, I have to enquire as to the real reasons some people might have (particularly people on the left) for supporting abortion and marriage rights. This is because a lot of these people are also in favour of many incursions into civil liberties.

    Many in favour of abortion and marriage freedom are not in favour of:
    - Right to work
    - Drug legalisation
    - Full firearm legalisation
    - Education freedom
    - Legalising the competing currency (going back to the Gold standard)
    - Free market economics in general

    If you are one of these people, can you justify citing libertarian principles in your support for abortion and marriage rights yet ignoring libertarian principles in more politically unfashionable areas?