Would a Mexican Romney win presidency?

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  1. Mighty Mom profile image78
    Mighty Momposted 11 years ago

    In all the hubbub about Mitt Romney's other comments contained in the now infamous "leaked video" there's another line of thinking that is getting little to no attention.

    I'm not sure how to take Romney's Mexican/Latino joke.
    What are your thoughts?

    BTW, I was not aware until reading this that the reason Romney's family moved to Mexico was because Utah made polygamy illegal. Hmmm.

    In one of a series of clips from a secretly recorded campaign fundraiser, Mitt Romney makes a joking reference to his family's complicated history in Mexico, guessing that if his father George had been "born of Mexican parents, I'd have a better shot at winning this."

    The comments mark a rare moment of levity on immigration for Romney, and they're a somewhat unusual reference to his family's complicated history in Mexico. "I mean, I say that jokingly," he adds, "but it would be helpful to be Latino."

    "My dad, as you probably know, was the governor of Michigan and was the head of a car company. But he was born in Mexico ... and uh, had he been born of uh, Mexican parents, I'd have a better shot at winning this," Romney says in the video. "But he was unfortunately born to Americans living in Mexico. He lived there for a number of years. I mean, I say that jokingly, but it would be helpful to be Latino."

    Romney's line got laughs, perhaps because his audience was aware that he could indeed use all the help he can get with Latinos.

    Romney is not Mexican, but his ancestors were white Americans who moved to Mexico when the state of Utah banned polygamy. Romney's son, Craig, cut a Spanish-language radio ad in August making a point similar to the one that his father did at the fundraiser. "My grandfather George was born in Mexico," Craig noted, leaving out the reason why.

    1. American View profile image59
      American Viewposted 11 years agoin reply to this


      I have not seen A clip or heard of this till now. Skipping to the point we can even tell jokes anymore. If Romney was that concerned that he had to have the Latino vote to win the presidency, he would chose Marco Rubio for his VP pick instead of Paul Ryan..

      The Latino vote is just like all the other categories, some will back Romney no matter what, some will back Obama no matter what. It's the ones in the middle that both sides are fighting for

      1. Repairguy47 profile image61
        Repairguy47posted 11 years agoin reply to this

        Does she have an infatuation with Romney or what?

        1. American View profile image59
          American Viewposted 11 years agoin reply to this


          MM is a good person on the site. She may be a Democrat, but unlike many here, she is very fair and will engage you in serious civil conversation.

          I'm sure she just posted this as she came across it. She just looking to create conversation, nothing wrong with that. I seriously doubt she's infatuated with anything.

          1. Repairguy47 profile image61
            Repairguy47posted 11 years agoin reply to this

            Maybe obsessed is a more accurate description. I notice she NEVER mentions a democrat gaff.

            1. Mighty Mom profile image78
              Mighty Momposted 11 years agoin reply to this

              Actually, I have commented on Dems, including (but not limited to)
              Anthony Weiner, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Edwards, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (sp), and yes, Barack Obama!
              But you would have to dig fairly deep into the forum archives to locate these posts.
              For the record, I regularly diss the Democratic leadership in my city and my ridiculously law-happy state, but not on HP per se.

              1. Repairguy47 profile image61
                Repairguy47posted 11 years agoin reply to this

                Nooooooooooo, really?

                1. Josak profile image60
                  Josakposted 11 years agoin reply to this

                  Not only that but from what I remember MM even votes Republican sometimes! *gasps*

              2. kathleenkat profile image85
                kathleenkatposted 11 years agoin reply to this

                To be fair, you have posted several topics of discussion about Mitt Romney.

                You seem to be going out of your way to talk about Romney, and you do seem to dislike him a lot, so how about you tell us why? I don't really want to read or watch anymore of his grammar mistakes or freudian slips. I want to hear about his policies, and why you personally don't like them. I don't want to hear about Obama's policies (the ones Romney promises to put an end to), I want to hear about Romney's policies.

                Help a 5%-er?

                1. Mighty Mom profile image78
                  Mighty Momposted 11 years agoin reply to this

                  If you are looking to educate yourself about Mr. Romney's policies (not my responsibility), I highly recommend the DC Decoder series on the Christian Science Monitor site. Here's one example of their analyses:

                  http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/DC-Decoder … a-tax-cuts

                  If you are not interested in topics I post on, the solution is simple: Don't read them!

                  1. kathleenkat profile image85
                    kathleenkatposted 11 years agoin reply to this

                    I know it is not your responsibility. I can read about his policies myself and draw my own conclusions. I am, however, genuinely interested in what YOU think about his policies. The Freudian slips and thoughtless statements are great and all, if the goals is to make him look bad, but I'm trying to dig deeper here.

          2. habee profile image93
            habeeposted 11 years agoin reply to this

            Yeah, MM is a good egg...for a liberal! lol

            1. American View profile image59
              American Viewposted 11 years agoin reply to this

              LOL smile

      2. Mighty Mom profile image78
        Mighty Momposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        It's part of the same leaked tape that's getting so much attention.

        What I couldn't quite wrap my head around with this joke -- and of course, he's among his peers and talking very candidly, rich-guy to rich-guys and it's off-the-cuff -- is how exactly would that work?

        If his father George had been born to Mexican parents in Mexico, he would have been Mexican, not American.

        What are the chances he would make it to the US legally and own a car company and be the governor of Michigan?

        1. American View profile image59
          American Viewposted 11 years agoin reply to this


          You raise  interesting question.. Romney's father was indeed born in Mexico, but his parents were both American-born anywhere in Mexico serving at Mormon missions. (Source Wikipedia):

          "Romney was born to American parents living in the Mormon colonies in Mexico; events during the Mexican Revolution forced his family to flee back to the United States when he was a child. The family lived in several states and ended up in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they struggled during the Great Depression."

          To answer your other question, his chances if you legally made to the US as an immigrant his chances would be just as good as any other legal immigrant had. Our history is loaded with immigrants that came to this country worked hard and achieved much. If he was of Latino descent and made it to the top of American motors I would think that story would serve as an inspiration for those who want to come here and live the American dream to enter the United States legally.

  2. JSChams profile image61
    JSChamsposted 11 years ago

    You know Joe Biden is famous for stuff like you have to have an Indian accent to work at 7-11 and so forth.
    Now you will gain lots of points when you actually skewer one of your own.

    Oh I forgot they don't ever do anything wrong.

    1. American View profile image59
      American Viewposted 11 years agoin reply to this


      I believe it is called Left Side Selective Memory Syndrome.

  3. wavegirl22 profile image51
    wavegirl22posted 11 years ago

    MM -
    Just another piece of a sinking ship. At first I was a bit confused as if I was missing something, for was he not trying to get the Hispanic vote? This jab has got to be just another nail in his coffin.

    All I see more and more from Romney is a lack of authenticity, a scary checkerboard past, questionable ways he has made money, religious views that are concerning, extreme mishandling of every word related to foreign policy. Bottom line we are watching the corrosion of a candidate who was more a mascot for the GOP at large than having anything that comes close to a presidential personality.

    1. Repairguy47 profile image61
      Repairguy47posted 11 years agoin reply to this

      What? Questionable ways he made money,his religion,mishandling of foreign policy? This may come as a shock but there is nothing questionable about capitalism. He is a morman not a satanist and he has no involvement in Foreign affairs, much like Obama.

      1. Mighty Mom profile image78
        Mighty Momposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        If he becomes the president of the United States he will have quite a bit of involvement in foreign affairs.
        And he's already started.
        Don't you remember his mini-world tour -- Olympics in London, Poland and Israel?

        But ok, if we concede your point that he has no "official" role in the country's foreign policy at present, he sure does have strong opinions about them.
        See separate threads on Romney @ Iran and Romney @ Israel/Palestine.

    2. phion profile image61
      phionposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I think it’s almost amusing hearing or reading what accusations are levied against Romney. A checkerboard past, questionable religious views, and extreme mishandling of foreign relations, are you sure you’re not talking about Obama?

  4. aware profile image64
    awareposted 11 years ago

    i don't think  a Mexican mitt .would be any better at public speaking.

  5. Mighty Mom profile image78
    Mighty Momposted 11 years ago

    So now I'm really confused. Does he want to be Latino or not?
    Here's more of what he said at his fundraiser:

    "If the Hispanic voting bloc becomes as committed to the Democrats as the African-American voting bloc has in the past, why, we're in trouble as a party and, I think, as a nation," he told the campaign donors. This is as reported by FOX NEWS.

    The statement, however, shows that he little understands why Hispanics are skeptical about him: it's not a problem of his last name, looks or accent, but of his policies, particularly to do with immigration.

    During the primaries, Romney said he was opposed to the DREAM Act that would legalize undocumented students, praised Arizona's harsh SB 1070 immigration law as a model for the rest of the country, and prescribed "self-deportation" for undocumented immigrants.

    http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2 … z26sdNWGe3

    1. American View profile image59
      American Viewposted 11 years agoin reply to this


      I do not understand why everybody continues to take this fundraiser out of context by quoting little snippets here and there, putting their own spin on what he said, and then adding words that are not there.

      nowhere in that paragraph did it say Romney wants to be Hispanic or that he wishes to be one. In this paragraph that you quoted just like the other statements taken out of context, he's doing something that Obama never does, he's speaking white candidly. What is wrong with what he said? It's the truth, if the Hispanics Commit to the Democrats as strong as African American vote was in the last election for Obama, he is right, the Republican Party would be in trouble. The issues as to why Latinos may not vote Republican can be debated, but it doesn't change the fact that if they vote heavy Democrat the Republicans are in trouble.

      As for the dream act, I to am against it. To me the bill was nothing more than another Band-Aid on an issue that needs to be seriously worked on. But that is typical of everything that has come along under Obama, put a Band-Aid on it and let's address it in January 2013. I believe that there should have been a complete immigration package and and policies put out there in a Bill, take a comprehensive look at the issues at hand and let's come up with solutions. There is no way on this issue that everybody will be happy afterwards, but there needs to be major changes with immigration going forward and how to address the 12,000,000+ illegals who are already here. The dream act addressed less than 1% of the overall problem. To me Congress and the president's time a much too important to be wasted on legislation that takes care less than 1% of the problem.

  6. e-five profile image93
    e-fiveposted 11 years ago

    I'm sorry.  All this talk about Mexican Mitt reminded me of this classic Jack Benny bit with Mel Blanc.



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