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People are standing up against extremist’s in Libya

  1. phion profile image61
    phionposted 5 years ago

    Is this a small glimmer of hope in a region of fire, or too little too late?
    Apparently some protesters in Libya are speaking out, and confronting the groups responsible for the attacks last week.
    I’ve always wondered why the many don’t stand up to the few, but that’s what happens when you grow up in oppression.

    1. phion profile image61
      phionposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I guess no one has caught onto this story yet. Maybe when the main stream starts talking about it.

      1. Hollie Thomas profile image60
        Hollie Thomasposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        I was watching a documentary last night on Aljazeera (sorry, if i haven't spelt that correctly smile ) called the 9/11 decade. Interestingly, footage was shown of protests in Jordan and other regions where literally hundreds of thousands of Muslims came out and protested about Al-Qaeda and their barbaric ways and treatment of people. Never before had I seen that kind of footage on western news channels.I suspect that these kind of objections from Muslims happen more often than we know, but they just don't get coverage by our media.

        As there are more than one billion Muslims in our world I think it's fair to say that the extremists and those who are protesting about Obama and the infamous video are very much in the minority. I suspect many Muslims just want an end to this hysteria.

        1. phion profile image61
          phionposted 5 years agoin reply to this

          These events definitely get downplayed. Why? Let the conspiracies begin. Hopefully the 99% of Muslims unite in time to avoid WWIII.

          In my travels to Muslim countries torn by war, loss is a fact of life.  Good and godly men fear for their children’s lives. The average family has nothing to defend themselves from a small band of terrorists. They live in fear every day. Their sons have little hope, and begin to sympathize with the extreme hatred as they look for their identity.
          To have the memory of a 60 year old man with 9 children and countless grandchildren crying in your chest, because his granddaughter and son were killed, brings me continued frustration. They have lived under tyranny for so long; it seems it’s become an acceptable part of life.
          I don’t think we will ever be able to help them until more rise up, they do indeed have the numbers, even without guns. Let us all hope.