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Charity begins at home

  1. assignmentswiz profile image59
    assignmentswizposted 5 years ago

    Wars are waged, blood is shed and missions are undertaken in the most distant of lands on the premises of spreading democracy and all the moral superiorities contained in it. To remove dictators who torture and kill, to spread the moral values of equality and fair treatment for all. As the West carries the banner of spreading righteousness throughout the world, I can't help but wonder whether they do have the moral authority within their own borders to even consider exporting it to others.

    It is a serious matter of honest introspection before making the judgment that they are morally superior and ought to convince others to share their values. To do so they would need to be not only moral experts but morally behaved as well. A thorough and sincere analysis of their moral position is a prerequisite of any attempts to export their virtues.  Judging from their television programs alone, it becomes clear that not only do they not have the moral authority to educate others but may infect be in dire need to learn from those they wish to enlighten. What do programs such as Nanny 911 that portray their inability to put their two and three year olds kids in check to programs such as Fooling Around and the sex filled commercials say about them?

    These are programs that mother and son and teacher and student watch together. It could be argued that this is but a manifestation of advancement and more sophisticated mode of thinking and feeling, or is it!! Shall they consider shows such as Sex in the City as being entertainment or is it education? What is it about sex that makes them so fascinated about that they have to eat it, watch it and even commercialize it?

    Are societies that have placed limits on what a mother can share with her son or father with his daughter so regressive or the Westerners have just gone too far and have lost their breaking systems! Isn't it their inability to control their urges that has led to the high divorce rate that is unparalleled by the so called primitive societies.

    Is their acceptance of homosexuality, nudity and profanity examples of their sophistication or is it standing evidence that their societies can no longer reject anything? Is the unbound tolerance to be saluted or perhaps some major rethinking is required? Are societies that place much authority on the hands of the elderly out of touch with reality or the ethic is in giving children the right to swear at their parents as in the West?

    Are societies in which children find honor in caring for their ailing parents instead of sending them to elderly homes nobler or ones in which they are too busy or lack enough compassion to clean and protect after their parents when they need them the most? In most poor, underdeveloped and primitive societies children would compete to get the pleasure of taking care of their elderly and even more honor in washing their dead bodies and burying them. Is that something to be respected or something to be loathed?

    Are societies that put teenagers in check more sophisticated or ones which, directly or indirectly, encourage teenagers to behave destructively?

    If they are so superior why then are they suffering from drug abuses, high divorce and suicide rates? Could it be that their technological edge which affords them the arrogance to even question the authority of God? While they believe that what they have acquired in material success is a direct result of their departure from the ways of the past, isn't it possible that those successes are a direct result of the values of those past generations?

    If their current values are so superior, why then it is not evident in the children they raise? In a country like Britain where resources are abundant destructive behaviors such as shoplifting and promiscuity are at their highest levels yet, why is that? Where is the supposed superior education that they have instilled in their youth?

    So many questions that often go un-answered in the name of tolerance, understanding and the right to choose! They have set their moral bar so low that they can no longer combat filth and most often resort to the rationalization of it, and yet venture to educate us on morality.

    The moral here is simply that: before interfering with other cultures and societies let them start with in-house cleaning. They must not raise their arms at anybody to teach them what they have not yet learned themselves.  If the East needs any of the Western values let them choose what they want, NO MORE FORCE!! Cheers! #