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Drones Drones Drones

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    Sooner28posted 5 years ago

    http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/11/09/ … h-for-you/

    Very thought provoking.  What say you?

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    Gemini Foxposted 5 years ago

    Omg - made me cry . . . every time I see the children (especially the children) killed by war I cry - they're so innocent.

    Didn't vote in this election because I couldn't stand Romney but was disgusted with Obama, almost regretted it at the last minute, then thought what the heck, here in OK it's not gonna matter anyway and now after reading this am glad I didn't put my vote in for Obama . . . Great article.

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      Sooner28posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I voted for Obama because I couldn't turn in my ballot without doing so.  They would say it was "soiled."

      I wanted to be able to vote on all the state questions.  If there had been a third or fourth party on the ballot in Oklahoma, I would've voted for them.

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        bgamallposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Drones should be banned. Romney would not have banned them either but they should be banned.

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          Sooner28posted 5 years agoin reply to this

          That's the problem.  Both candidates agreed on many aspects of foreign policy.  Romney's main criticism seemed to be, "Say it louder and meaner."  I do believe he may have been more likely to support a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, but Obama could end up doing that also.  Time will tell.

          But torture, drones, wars of aggression, none of it was discussed at all. 

          The only real difference I hope holds is that of domestic policy.  But I fear Obama's grand bargain may  end up being what some liberals are calling the "grand betrayal."  Again,time will tell, and in this case, sooner rather than later.

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    Peelander Gallyposted 5 years ago

    I think national sovereignty and lack of due process are the key issues here. No one cares that the majority of drone attacks take place in Afghanistan, because we're already at war there, but no other nation could get away with regularly firing missiles into Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. I mean, Somalia's already so much of a war zone and has been for so long that maybe no one cares about what goes on there, either, but that's not the point. The Obama administration should really be more transparent about the attacks and justify them if they're to continue, especially if they're just going to be increasingly more frequent.

    This also ties in to the indefinite detention clause in the 2012 NDAA, which you obviously never hear or read about in mainstream media. Combined, I think these issues are the main ones that people who are basically liberal or progressive but can't bring themselves to support Obama bring up these days, money and private interests notwithstanding. You can't demonise one president for waging an illegitimate war and then completely forgive the next one for doing the same thing on the DL, more cheaply, and with fewer casualties. But, I look at it this way: Romney just says whatever people want to hear from one minute to the next and doesn't care, so at least we're not going to be going to war with Iran and Syria at the drop of a hat. And pissing off Putin in the process.