World Drug Trade Opposes CO & WA Marijuana Votes

  1. mdavis1984 profile image60
    mdavis1984posted 5 years ago

    Under the reign of Queen Moriah, the Multinational Mafia has evolved as a cohesive union and an undeniably positive, worldwide force seeking to convert it's functions into a legalized organization. The Don Panel (the World Drug Trade's Parliament), is in unanimous agreement on product taxation, and has proposed a business plan (Conversion Initiative of 2012) by which to complete the process. While  members are under constant attack due to the War on Drugs, the Trade's royal monarchy remains stable.

    Descendants of don lineage consider outside movements for marijuana (and other Trade drugs) legality, in essence, discriminatory thievery. The Trade sees the “green rush” as no different than colonial expansion into native land. Who the Trade is, what it is doing and what the USA is offering by legalization differs majorly. What the populace is unaware of, is the bloodshed of innumerable individuals who have fought to maintain their inheritance of the Trade and furthermore, the biased portrayal of this war. The Trade is denied public voice, subjected to exploitative media coverage, persecuted by global governments and yet it survives as an indestructible model of inalienable liberty. The Drug Trade, worldwide, isn't interested in turning over it's products to be manufactured by state or federal agencies nor unaffiliated businesses. It does, however, move forward toward conversion.

    What do you guys think about this?