The 50 Worst Columns of 2012

  1. Ralph Deeds profile image67
    Ralph Deedsposted 4 years ago

    From "The Atlantic"
    "Dick Morris on on white voters. Why have white voters forsaken
    America? Obama only won because they didn't turn out on election day, Dick Morris laments. "We lost because whites stayed home!" he writes. And why didn't white voters turn out for Romney? Maybe because he insulted nearly half of them? Perhaps because they didn't think he was fit to lead? No, no. Morris argues that Romney's loss can be chalked up to: "Impact of Sandy," the same reason why his own predictions were off. 'There was no way to measure the impact of Sandy since there could not logistically be any polling. Why was I wrong? I’m a pollster, not a meteorologist!'" … 012/59720/

    1. AMFredenburg profile image79
      AMFredenburgposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Dick Morris doesn't know what he's talking about. I'm white, and I voted for Obama, same as most people I know. Most rednecks I know voted for Obama, because he appears to care what happens to regular people, unlike Romney. Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont all went for Obama, and they're all 95 percent white or more. Maybe Morris and his Republican cronies need to examine the morally bankrupt policies of the Republican Party rather than trying to psych people out by race and suppressing the vote of the minority population. Does Morris think white people are so self-interested and amoral that we'd stand by and let Republicans prevent African Americans, Hispanics and the elderly from voting?