Federalist No. 84 - The Danger of the Bill of Rights

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    JaxsonRaineposted 4 years ago

    I think Hamilton made a very good point. We have the Bill of Rights, which doesn't grant a single right to the people, but it places specific limitations on what the government can't do.

    When in reality, the government already can't do those things, it can only do the things that it was given specific power to do. If you have an employee, and you tell them that they are only allowed to answer the phone, that should be enough. You shouldn't also have to tell them that they can't use the computer in your office, can't drive the company car, can't write checks out of the checkbook, etc...

    The problem when you start listing specific restrictions is the implication that restrictions that aren't listed are OK. They tried to combat that with the 9th Amendment, but I think we can all see how well that has worked out.