Meet the 9-11 Whistleblowers and More...

  1. lone77star profile image84
    lone77starposted 5 years ago

    No "conspiracy theory" here. Just the facts.

    I've had a number of people remark that 9/11 couldn't have been an inside job, because someone would've talked.

    Little do they realize that such an argument to ignorance is a logical fallacy. Lack of evidence never disproves anything. So, they're a little slow (logically, mentally); let's be cordial -- they need our help and our patience.

    But their statement is full of holes, not only because of the logical fallacy, but also because people have come forward. Lots of them. One major problem is that the Corporate Party media has decided to ignore most of them. When they do talk about whistleblowers, they marginalize or demonize them -- talking about their actions, but rarely the government crimes those whistleblowers have revealed.


    Meet The 9/11 Whistleblowers

    CIA WhistleBlower Susan Lindauer EXPOSES Everything (Extreme Prejudice)

    NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake speaks at National Press Club - March 15, 2013


    What will we have left to defend if American liberty becomes extinct?

    If the fundamental reason for our "national security" is our liberties and freedoms, then "national security" doesn't mean diddly-squat if we shred the Constitution as has already been done!

    This is about more than just 9/11. This is about our future as a species. The growing tyranny in America will affect the entire planet.


    And for other controversial topics on what our government is doing to abuse their power:

    Chemtrails & Nutritional Solutions - Dr. Russell Blaylock (respected neurosurgeon) Interview 6-19-2013

    More Details Emerge on the Death of Michael Hastings

    If you're interested in more facts about 9/11, check out,
    "Uncomfortable Facts About 9/11—No Conspiracy Theory, Here"

    And also -- where nearly 20,000 scientists, engineers, architects and concerned citizens have staked their reputations in support of a new, trustworthy investigation into what really happened on 9/11.

    Wake up, spread the word, and keep cool. Forgive the "bad child" that Obama has become and that Bush and Cheney were. Then, help rebuild a new America, better than the one just ended.


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