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Government can grab cell phone location records without warrant

  1. Stacie L profile image87
    Stacie Lposted 4 years ago

    Government can grab cell phone location records without warrant, appeals court says
    By Michael Isikoff
    NBC News National Investigative Correspondent

    In a major victory for the Justice Department over privacy advocates, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that government agencies can collect records showing the location of an individual's cell phone without obtaining a warrant.
    http://investigations.nbcnews.com/_news … &pos=4
    According to the Justice Dept. anyone that uses cell phones does so voluntarily and forfeited their
    fourth amendment rights. How do you feel about this?

    1. Reality Bytes profile image83
      Reality Bytesposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      It is done by consent.  Ever wonder why da gubament started giving out free phones?

      Consent is king!

      I have never owned a mobile device myself.  I do not even enjoy using the phones of others.

      1. Quilligrapher profile image86
        Quilligrapherposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Hi there, RB. I am sorry to jump in at this point but your question is a dishonest attempt to mislead us. The gubament never gave out free phones and I would be greatly surprised to learn you did not already know this. It is sad that some anti-government types keep spreading this lie although extremist on the right also spread this lie but they often use the term “Obamaphone.”

        The FCC implemented the Lifeline program in 1985 following the divestiture of AT&T. {1} This policy was later codified in the Telecommunications Act of 1966. The 1997 Universal Service Order, Section 8 established the framework for the current Lifeline and Link Up programs that included the eligibility criteria, discount rate, and basic services.

        Today, the Lifeline program only covers monthly discounts on landline or wireless telephone service for just one member of a needy, means tested American family. It does not pay cellular companies to provide free cell phones to consumers, although some cellular service providers choose to offer that benefit to attract Lifeline customers. This service is not directly subsidized by taxpayer money.

        The facts, RB, are quite simple to understand. The government neither provides Americans with free cellphones nor guarantees payments for any goods and services ordered by eligible Lifeline consumers.
        {1} http://www.universalservice.org/li/abou … fault.aspx

        1. Reality Bytes profile image83
          Reality Bytesposted 4 years agoin reply to this

          Quill, always a gentleman.  smile

          These programs are funded through a consensual tax paid by those that have cell phone contracts.  It's a tax, no it's not can go back and forth.  The fee is included in the bill, with or without the client's permission. 

          As for having more than one per family, I know individuals that have three!  Everyone in the home.  The companies are paying people five dollars just for an application.  I cannot walk down the street without out someone wanting to tag and bag me with a GPS unit.  As for corporate or government involvement, what is the difference.  Under our new corporate fascist form of governance, the separation is vague.  Our so-called representatives bounce back and forth from one entity to another, it is like watching a Ping-Pong match. 

          What seems like a beneficial program is little more than a façade.  A test program leading to a chipped society.  In Massachusetts, they are placing chips in newborns.  Using fear to get the parents to consent.  With our refusal concerning both my grandchildren Quill, I assure you that this is the truth.

          All oppressive programs are sold to the public using benefits or fear as the motivating factor.  These phones are no different.  Why not just charge the fee each month that the paying users are required.  With our new security/prison based society, could these phones not only be used as GPS units, they could also be turned into microphones on a whim?   IMO, it is a program that is designed to keep track of a certain part of the corporation's herd. 

          Always nice to chat. 

          Rather, Lifeline is funded with a pool of money, called the Universal Service Fund, which is paid for with revenue donations from telecommunications providers. Some of those providers—like Verizon, for instance—pass off that cost to their customers with a Universal Service fee, but the government doesn't mandate that the money come from citizens, meaning it's technically not a tax.

          http://gawker.com/5947133/the-obama-pho … with-obama

          1. Quilligrapher profile image86
            Quilligrapherposted 4 years agoin reply to this

            Yes, RB, always a pleasure. Thanks for sharing.

    2. profile image0
      Brenda Durhamposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      This is very disturbing.    I think they already had the rights they needed to monitor activities of suspected criminals before this new law.  They used the "probable cause" Law and that was okay.   But this one seems to be going way too far.   And that Judge who's quoted as saying we "voluntarily" use cell phones etc.......of course we voluntarily use them!   BUT we also pay for the services!    So yeah, I think it's a violation of civil rights.

  2. profile image74
    Education Answerposted 4 years ago

    We voluntarily:

    eat butter
    live in Arizona
    wear blue clothes
    get a haircut

    Basically, under this premise, the government will be able to keep an even closer eye on you.  Isn't it nice to know that the government has kill lists with Americans on it, an IRS that can "target" groups of people, drones flying over its own people, extensive phone invasion capabilities, and now, the power to grab phone records without a warrant.  Great.  I feel free.

  3. Reality Bytes profile image83
    Reality Bytesposted 4 years ago

    The government can hack into your automobile, accelerate it up to one hundred miles an hour, and cause the steering to turn into a tree.

    Ask Michael Hastings?   And if you were considered a threat to national security it would be legal, and the ability to keep it a secret would also be covered under the new security laws.

    FBI sued for keeping secret their file on journalist Michael Hastings

    Michael Hastings Crash Caught On Surveillance Camera


    Michael Hastings body cremated against family's wishes


    He was Breitbarted!!!!

    1. profile image0
      Brenda Durhamposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Wow again.
      This is info I've never thought of,  but makes perfect sense.
      Brings to mind the O Administration wanting to get all the older cars off the road.............

  4. BigJulesMags profile image84
    BigJulesMagsposted 4 years ago

    This is so jacked up, that I'm almost afraid to comment on how jacked up it is.

    1. Reality Bytes profile image83
      Reality Bytesposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Fear is a powerful tool.

      Without it, we would not be where we are!  Truth is an even bigger weapon!

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    Education Answerposted 4 years ago

    The government makes spyware to keep an eye on us?  Great.  What's next?

    http://www.timeslive.co.za/thetimes/201 … n-millions

    1. Reality Bytes profile image83
      Reality Bytesposted 4 years agoin reply to this