Civil disobedience? Anyone?

  1. Rod Rainey profile image79
    Rod Raineyposted 4 years ago

    Behold, the power of humanity!

    "Activists protesting the filling of some of California’s last remaining wetlands used steel tubes to lock themselves to a fill truck around 10:15 last night in the wick drain field one mile north of Willits on highway 101. A crowd of supporters gathered holding a banner that read: “Save Our Water, Stop Caltrans Now!”

    Willits residents Earthworm, 18, and Feather were locked down for 8 and ½ hours to the immobilized truck, and another organizer, Ellen Faulkner, 74, was arrested by CHP."

    "All work came to a halt as some 20 trucks piled up behind Gate 6, (for 8½ hours!) the exit to the construction site where Caltrans is covering up thousands of wick drains with tons of fill, some of which may be contaminated with toxic materials. The massive project has drawn fierce criticism and persistent protests from a well-organized opposition who maintain the freeway is overbuilt, unnecessarily expensive and environmentally damaging."

    Three people, around 20 trucks for 8½ hours! We could have the world we want, we just need to make up our minds and make it happen.

    What do you say? … -arrested/