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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    What is the worth of a human life? Is worth related to one's socioeconomic status and level of preeminence in a particular society? Is worth related to what title and position one holds in a society? Is worth related to a person's lame of fame?  How does one's level of achievement and education determine his/her extrinsic and/or intrinsic worth? Is one's worth designated by a particular pecking order whether familial, school, corporate or national constructs?Let's discuss and voice your views?

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      In our culture, a certain amount of that can be expected and anticipated. The danger is that a  person cannot be person and be deprived of his or her value just  because they do not have the status or preeminence in this society.Everyone has value based solely on his or her humanity. The idea of a meritocracy is what must be maintained for a fair and equitable society or it all will eventually be brought down. I resist the idea of unearned preeminence at my core. In the 2001 romantic comedy film with a time travel theme "Kate and Leopold",  the male character, a product of royalty and lineage,  commented that the real royalty of his period (1876) were the Edison's and the Alexander Graham Bell's. It is based not on who you are but what you accomplished and achieved and  that is what makes America America. When that driving force disappears then we begin to regress as a society

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        Credence2, you have aptly stated what my mother said 4 decades ago.  She stated that in the South, people who are highly accomplished and educated are the ones who were respected.  She then stated that in New York, it is those who make money, regardless of their accomplishments, education, or lack thereof, who are adulated.   It seems now that many people are preeminent and famous without any noteworthy accomplishments e.g. Snooki and Kim Kardashian, who are masters at working a good game.
        The quickest road to fame thus preeminence these days is to be outrageous and have a reality show. 
        Or better yet, have a video of one in less than delicate situations.  One can also can really go beyond logical and reasonable limits.