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Is Christie Bridge Scandal Only Skeleton?

  1. rhamson profile image78
    rhamsonposted 4 years ago

    Hoboken's Mayor makes claims that Christie held back funding to influence development deal. Why is she now coming out against him?

    http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/mayor-christ … ey-hostage

    1. GA Anderson profile image81
      GA Andersonposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      ... because the "Christie Games" have begun for the run-up to the 2016 presidential elections.

      Her story sounds plausible, perhaps even truthful, and the fact that she is described as a former Christie supporter appears to give it credibility, but... she is also a democrat, and it does not stretch my imagination to see the party reaching out to her to "get on board" the "Get Christie" party wagon.

      Would someone really speak to her about it while being "miced-up" on an open stage with technicians around - as she describes her second contact to have happened?

      And that "diary," really? Undated pages in a 25 cent pocket notebook? And the whole page dedicated to just that comment? It may be valid, but it did not convince me.

      Overall, my political cynicism leans toward believing her, (a very slight lean), but it is far from an OMG! of course he did it.


      1. rhamson profile image78
        rhamsonposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        My cynicism towards politicians is clouding my impartiality and I wonder if Zimmer waited for someone else like the bridge scandal to start the ball rolling. Had she been a real politician she would have countered with exposure of his alleged demands for the Rockefeller Group favor. Then again maybe she did and Christie figured he had enough goodwill with the public to weather the storm.

        Why is it they do business like this? This is why when you turn the government over to professional politicians they act out with self interest. The business of politics is to get elected and to get us to buy their crap and to destroy the competition they need money. Money runs it and money always wins in America.

        Term Limits, Publicly Financed Campaigns and Lobby Reform are our only hope.

  2. Mighty Mom profile image84
    Mighty Momposted 4 years ago

    The timing of Mayor Zimmer's accusation does appear to be "piling on."
    Maybe she is getting intense heat from her constituents as Sandy relief is delayed (covered in the media in late October right before Christie's landslide reelection).

    It could be the "coincidental" link that the developer of this project she's supposedly being pressured to push forward is also the head honcho of the port authority involved in Bridgegate.

    Maybe she feels more protected now -- that if anything happens to her the whole country will be watching.

    In the end, why would the mayor commit political suicide with a false accusation, knowing that it is a felony?
    Does that make any sense???

    1. rhamson profile image78
      rhamsonposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Well she did vulcanize the Governor and his minions. They are all coming out and calling her a liar. MSNBC won't let this die and we will have to wait and see what investigation is launched. Maybe Christie will take a page from the categorical denial handbook written by some former Democratic President and just deny, deny, deny. It has bred a whole generation of liars getting out from something the best they can. It is almost like a rape trial. Blame the victim and marginalize their credibility. AH........American politicking is alive and well.