Disinformation about Ukrainians being attacked by their government!

  1. maxoxam41 profile image74
    maxoxam41posted 4 years ago

    Someone that I won't cite wrote a hub asserting the violence of the government against Ukrainians protesting in favor of their entrance in the Europe of the nations. Here is a video showing the demonstrators attacking with a catapult. If it's not disinformation, again, what is it? I am tired to be taken for an idiot by our media, it is the reason why I deliver the truth if possible to whom it may concern. Who will arm them? If not a country that wishes to destabilize Putin?
    What is the interest of a small country like Ukraine to belong to a concept "Europe of the nations" that is failing? At a time where all Europeans oppose Europe and the euro, the media wants us to believe that Ukrainians are craving debts, a weak euro since ruined by the ECB policy (copycat of the Fed), the control of NATO of its land for military bases (ours obviously since we control NATO)... Now let's see those "peaceful" demonstrators! If it's not a coup, what is it? What would you think if China financed demonstrators to catapult the White House? Your opinion?