Greed is a contentious subject among many people. To some people,

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago
    greed is an abominable aberration resulting in the psychological and socioeconomic malaise in many societies.  They furthermore contend that greed is the main cause of division and the exploitation of humankind.   They assert that without greed, societies would be more equal, humane, and socioeconomically qualitative for all.

    However, there are those who strongly insist that greed is an inherent part of humankind.  They further assert that greed is the basis for the advancement of civilization and economic systems.  They opine that if it weren't for greed, societies would not have reached the high standard of living and civilization they have.  They also argue that it is greed that spurs people to better themselves socioeconomically.  Many businesspeople assert that it is greed that sparked capitalism and the free enterprise system, generating wealth.   What is YOUR synopsis on greed?  Positive? Negative? Indifferent?