News Parrots ... citizens of the world

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    Doc Youngposted 3 years ago

    ... some years back another news parrot made the news for "outing" some his country's classified documents .... the defense of the parrot world was "we are citizens of the world" without allegiance to any but the news ... we must report it regardless of who it affects or how it affects them ... now we have foley beheaded and it is daily headline news ... this type of death is a tragedy but it is not an earth shaking event ... he was one more that died unnecessarily, yet by choice ... but ... can you name the last US soldier that died in combat ... he probably didn't want to be there ... he certainly didn't make the bucks of these wannabes ... and his job was much more important ... but he didn't work for the news ... so you won't hear his or her name except in the hometown paper or at the memorial service of his grieving family ... but the parrots will fixate on this ... they will make foley a hero and headliner for some time to come ... while other unknown, unnamed soldiers remain "just casualties of war" ... not a very exciting or important story ...

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      Credence2posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Hey, what's up Doc?

      I hear you but the media has a way of focusing our attention that oftentimes distorts the magnitude, scope and scale of what actually is happening.

      Trayvon Martin
      Natalie Holloway
      JoBenet Ramsey

      This list can continue....

      I would not say that this story is insignificant. It is more than the journalist's murder but an outright statement of defiance, a message from the radicals in Iraq to the USA. For the risks our men and women in uniform take daily they are woefully underpaid and unrecognized, but what else is new?

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        Doc Youngposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        ... insignificant ... no ... headliner ... no ... defiance ... yes ... my point is not the death of a person but the death of a "citizen of the world" ... a news parrot ... and if you are thinking "shucks, you just don't like news folks" ... your right ... they are not the celebrities they portray themselves to be ... they are a bane to government and society ... they are a pushy group that feels they have no boundaries ... when it comes to family grief and sorrow, they are the flies on the ... a demanding group ... a group of sensationalists with personal agendas ... paparazzi in nice clothes ... a group more interested in being the news than reporting the news ... correctly so, the murder was a political statement ... but its old news ...  except to the news parrots ...