Should a job require one standard or vary as to gender?

  1. cjhunsinger profile image75
    cjhunsingerposted 3 years ago

    Recently, an intruder was able to breach White House security and enter without any interference. Once inside a female Secret Service agent was dismissed by the intruder, who was unable to or reluctant to stop the man (unknown). The intruder was stopped by an off duty male agent.
    In a TV interview a former Agent stated that physical qualifications for females were less than those of males, too, variations to age and body build were also considered and exemptions made.
    There seems to be an expectation that the female is physically less capable than the   male and therefore less is expected. It would seem that this is also with reference to the actual job performance, even though both are paid the same.
    Are all standards and expectations being reduced to accommodate those of lessor abilities and if so what does this do and what effect does this have on society? Are these lowering of standards reflected in other law enforcement and fire fighter agencies? Is this reflected in the military and if so, have we lost a critical component of a strong fighting force?
    It was not long ago that the military considered issuing a medal to those who demonstrated restraint in combat. Was this to accommodate, disguise or reward the lack of ability to respond? The former Director of the Secret Service issued a statement congratulating the agents on their restraint in protecting the President and his family. Have we become a nation of fluff and puff and our words meaningless, as  Obama's "Red Line".