Will there be a coming civil war of contention and ideas between

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    Liberals and Conservatives?  According to political pundits and observers, there is increasing contention between Liberals and Conservatives regarding the state of America and what America should embody. There are some who strongly argue that Liberals are destroying and dismantling America bit by bit.  They contend that it the intent of Liberals to turn America into a so-called third world nation.  They further argue that Liberals want to change the American demographics.  They maintain that the moral environment of American society has decayed due to more rights granted to the LBGT community and the lessening of gender specifications.

    Conversely, there are those who view Conservatives as hateful sexists, race mongers, and in general, atavistic draconians who want to return to an era when there were marked class, racial, and gender demarcations.  They also believe that Conservatives have a war against women in terms of their reproductive rights.  They contend that Conservatives hate Obama because of his race and feel that Obama wants to right the racial/gender wrongs of American society.  They further assert that Conservatives are threatened by the new, progressive state of America.   Let's discuss this.

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      The civil war is and has been ongoing for a while. Most of us are not willing to abide with the extremes of either side. What  life experiences determine when a individual when lean conservative or liberal in his or her world view?  A clue has to be found in demographics showing groups of individuals  that tended to vote in one direction another another. We need both progress and stability. I have to champion a society where one cannot overwhelm the other. Our dialogue must include solutions that preserve both sides.

      the basics: representative democracy as our political system
                         capitalism as our economic system

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        +1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 percent succinct indeed!