Question for Our Veterans: Writing an Article, Please Help! :)

  1. Liz Kaye profile image59
    Liz Kayeposted 3 years ago

    I am doing an article and I wanted to hear some voices of our military persons, both past and present. If you are a veteran or know one, please have them message me or message me on behalf of them.
    The bravery that our veterans have shown is both awe inspiring and brings a sense of gratefulness to all of our hearts. As a 22 year old growing up in today's world and hearing of the past and even seeing the changes from my childhood to now, it is quite overwhelming.
    My question to our veterans:
    If you were in the same position to enroll in the military today as you were then, would you? Would you still fight for current day America? An America that has changed so drastically in a lapse of time. An America that has seemingly turned the word freedom into abstract idea as freedoms, little by little are being taken away. If so, why? If not, why?

    1. Diagoras profile image59
      Diagorasposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Not being a veteran, but having a husband who served in Vietnam I believe that I can retell his thinking then and what he would think now. And, if I can take the liberty, inject some personal thoughts into the mix.
      My husband went to Vietnam leaving behind a new wife and a newer infant son with the idea that he was an American and America was in trouble.
      When I say American, I mean that, more than the Washington bureaucracy, his loyalty was to the Constitution. And this, I believe, is an American without qualification, modification or a hyphen or a Party affiliation.
      During the course of his duty, in that place, his letters painted a picture of incompetence, vacillating and obscure rules of combat and, as some have said, boredom and seconds of nightmares coming to life.
      His return was detached and  his trust, in all things was fragmented. His love of the Constitution never wavered though, but for years he refused to vote. He never spoke much of those feelings or of that place, but would, from time to time, voice his concerns about a new America without America, as he put it.
      Having relatives (vets) from WWI and WWII and comparing their attitudes to that of my husband it seemed as if their worlds were entirely different. My husband was missing the pride and honor that my relatives carried so proudly.
      America without America is what we have today, but it is not Washington that counts. The essence of America is the Constitution and I know  what he would have said about it today, if I can fight there for my country, I can fight here.

  2. Credence2 profile image82
    Credence2posted 3 years ago

    Hi, Liz, yes I served for 4 years. If I had to make the decision to serve as I did some 40 years ago,I would, in service to these United States that has always been home, despite her imperfections. I served during a period of relative peace. I am more negative about the nature of our current conflicts as compared to a less contentious period. I would be a bit more reticent these days. But since when do we always get to pick our battles? The nature of service of this sort is unconditional.

    When I look around , this is still a pretty free place!