Do people really need to be nice to be liked?

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    Lucia Agostinhoposted 2 years ago
    No in what I've seen, people like you when you're fiesty and when you have good taste in clothes.
    People don't want to see the nice person everyone likes they wanna have a leader to follow,so will you be a leader or follower?
    They key to being a teen is to be rebellious without getting in trouble,write on the bathroom walls with one one watching,stick bubble gum on the teacher's chair before class begins,those type of stuff
    I mean everyone know we're young an foolish right? So embrace it but never get caught cuz that would be shameful.
    Women I believe are strong and they wanna make the world believe they can do anything.
    This next piece is inspired by great women i know such as my mom
    My mom grew up with no luxury or shoes to school,she didn't have phone as young as I did and she started working at the age if 17,my mom had a beautiful body and still does,she wanted to be a model but her mother didn't let her she practically ruined her life and where's my mom now? My mom wears a beautiful smile and just conqoured the world and I love her.
    Opra got raped at the age of 9 and she's the richest woman alive
    If you believe then anything can happen,dreaming isn't always good cuz your subconscious believes that a dream is all it is and if you can turn it to reality? That would be amaizing
    Tips on looking successful and independent:
    As a woman you always have to have a great outfit on,you can't be seen with your pj's on the street, its disgusting, fix your hair and perfect your makeup so that people won't think low of you,never be seen rude in public.
    That would ruin your image wouldn't it? 
    Don't do substance abuse quit while you still can and save your organ by giving them more life
    Never act self fish in public now I think that 1 is an obvious 1
    A good outfit/look makes you a leader! 

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    rahmat54146posted 2 years ago

    not also....Know something interesting not because pretty or nice but in my opinion is something different and stand out .... or things that can make laugh