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How can people really know you through your publications?

  1. Tamarii2 profile image60
    Tamarii2posted 8 years ago

    How can people really know you through your publications?

  2. SHARP TEETH profile image53
    SHARP TEETHposted 8 years ago

    My dear Tamarii

       I do not need anyone to know me.People betrayed me many times until now and from now on the only purpose of my life is me and only those who will show by actions their faith to me.I walk on the road of power but I will never stop to believe in JUSTICE.Believe me my journey is very lonelly until now but I know that victory will be mine soon.Victory against whom? Against human's poor mind. Unfortunatelly human's had to search for perfection but they became worms.I do not afraid anything I do not hope anything.I am....FREE!!!

  3. Tamarii2 profile image60
    Tamarii2posted 8 years ago

    They can know your spirit.I believe you are a twist to life.You add spice to your writings.When you wrote on Romance and Mind.Tamarii2 came ready to read what you wrote.Until now we all were somewhere.But here is where we can exress thoughts at its highest formal level.I should ask what is being alone.YOU on this journey are more than enough.Keep writing.Tamarii2 will keep reading.Isn't that more than being alone.This journey is what it is.Peace wins over war.

  4. Lisa HW profile image73
    Lisa HWposted 8 years ago

    Although every writer lets some of who he is show up in his writing, my concern is not to let readers know me.  Instead, I would hope they consider each thought, opinion, or collection of them I present individually; and decide for himself whether they seem to make sense or whether they are worthy of keeping.  Also, I often hope to give the reader a little "emotional ride" as part of the time he spends reading something I've written.  Sometimes I write to share information.  The point is, I write for what I hope to offer the reader - not necessarily to let the reader know me any more than any piece of writing already shares.   When it comes to any one piece of writing, I think what I've just described is primarily what takes place.

    On the other hand, if one reader were to read many, many, things I've written he would get a pretty good idea of the kind of person I am, I suppose.  Sometimes I imagine great-grandchildren I'll one day have, reading what I've written long after I'm gone.   I'd like to think if they read enough of what I've written it will help them know not just me, but their history, a little better.

    Some writers do, I guess, write so that others will know them better.  I like to imagine writing and somehow managing to help readers know themselves, other people in general, and life a little better.      smile

  5. jayday1950 profile image53
    jayday1950posted 8 years ago

    To me this is a very simple answer because I feel that what you write you are doing it from the heart and as you do so with passion and truth you can't help but be delivered into the core of your being as you express yourself.