Is What Is Happening in Europe Now, What American Can expect if ...

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    My Esotericposted 2 years ago

    The European Union's central government is only slightly stronger than America's Continental Congress of old; both are and were contracts between the participating nations/states to work together regarding common issues.  In the case of the Continental Congress, it has virtually no power at all, 99% of it was in the hands of the States.  The EU is set up similarly but with somewhat more power in the hands of the central political and financial institutions. 

    ... the Tea Party & friends win their battle to strip the Federal government of most of its power?

    Today's American Federation is a contract between the People and the central and state governments with the states and federal governments sharing power with the nod in any conflict going to the states or the federal government, depending on the ruling of the Supreme Courts.  States cannot abandon the Nation, but they can in the EU, either by choice or if they become too much of a burden like Greece is today

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      wildernessposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      The primary problem of the EU isn't that the Union has too little power; it is that the citizens of some "states" are wanting that Union to support them.  This gives rise to the possibility of either strong "states" leaving or kicking out the weaker ones.

      In the US, the "union" is the strong one, and the one consistently requiring the support structure - the "bread and circuses" if you will - to provide for everyone.  Whether it is the "states" doing it or the central power, the structure cannot be sustained indefinitely; both systems will fail in time, although the "states" such as Greece will fail earlier.

      The American states cannot leave and cannot be ejected; the end result is the entire Union failing at once instead of states slowly falling out of the union, but that's really the only difference.  Either way, excessive greed by the citizens will destroy any democratic society if that greed is allowed to grow.