Socioeconomic/Income" Disparity"

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago
    To conservatives out there, what is your premise regarding the "issue" of socioeconomic "disparity"? Do you intend that each has received according to his/her qualifications?  Do you maintain that the so-called socioeconomic disparity is a liberal/progressive ruse to distribute income "more equally" regardless of education, experience, and qualifications?  Do you further contend that this so-called socioeconomic disparity is a cover for hatred of the more affluent classes?

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    ahorsebackposted 2 years ago

    There is no more of a  wealth disparity going on NOW in America  , than there ever was .    Yes, it is but the envious  desires  of the liberal,  motivationally  lazy semi-  intellectual   .   "Yes Virginia "- There have always been poor , underemployed , unemployed ,  unmotivated  , uneducated ,  envious of the kings  and all the kings ransom ! 

    The greatest problem facing America  today is the overpopulation  of  those  seeking such  never before offered  government economic entitlements .  "I want more of what I don't have now , I don't want to wait and  I don't want to have  to earn it " ! 

    There are more jobs in America  than ever ,  there are more qualified  seekers ,  but there are WAY more of those who  don't have the wherewithal  to know  anything  about involving  themselves in   a normal  sense of working motivation .

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