OMG! The PC Virus Got Me!

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  1. GA Anderson profile image82
    GA Andersonposted 3 years ago

    I believed I was successfully fighting those Politically Correct influences we are all subject to, but something happened this morning that caused me great despair.

    Here's what happened;

    While taking my usual Sunday morning stroll through the weekend flea market in the downtown parking lot I came upon a vendor with the usual trash and treasures. Tools and such at one table, housewares on another, and a third with an assortment of glitzy bawdy, (and mostly ugly), high heel shores.

    There were a couple older folks manning the tables. I had the friendly impulse to walk up to the shoes and ask if they had my size. (in my day, considering the personality of a typical flea market vendor, that would have been worth a chuckle coming from an old guy like me)

    And then, before I knew the thought was even in there, here it came... "Nah, better not, in this day and age, what with Caitlyn and all the LGBT stuff, those folks may not correctly assume that I was kidding.

    Spoiled the rest of my flea market wanderings. All I could think about was who the hell infected me, and what do I take for it.

    I am not sure, but I think my last lengthy encounter with a diagnosed carrier might have been with Josak. Or maybe it was one of those "undocumented immigrant" thread commenters.

    The event may sound trivial to you, but to me it means I am infected. Damn it all, now I have to take `The Cleanse` and that means I will have to wear a Republican hat for a few weeks until I am sure I am cured.


    1. Don W profile image83
      Don Wposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Nice pun. I actually thought this was a thread about some new computer virus. Bit slow on the uptake today . . .

      That's not political correctness.  It's just not wanting someone to assume something about you that is not accurate. The real question is, would that assumption bother you simply because it's inaccurate, or would it bother you because you think there is something "wrong" with being a transvestite or transgender woman?

      Now if you did enquire about the shoes, but the sellers behaved inclusively and didn't make any negative assumptions or comments about you because you are a man enquiring about women's shoes, then that would be political correctness (and yes I see political correctness in certain  circumstances as a positive thing).

      1. GA Anderson profile image82
        GA Andersonposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Hmm... should I lay on the couch before answering your question?

        You may be right that it is not a PC problem. Maybe it is the historically more common problem of an old era adapting to the changes of a new era.  I will hold off grabbing that Republican hat awhile to see if the tests come back negative.

        As for your question - I don't think I want to take this thread there. My perception of the rightness or wrongness of trans-this-or-that is of no importance to anyone but me, and that topic has already been well discussed.


        1. Don W profile image83
          Don Wposted 3 years agoin reply to this

          Just call me Sigmund . . .

          Whatever it is, I don't think it's a terminal case. You may have some discomfort and minor irritation for a while, but I think it will pass. I recommend you continue with regular doses of humor, which tends to be the best medicine.


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