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The Rise of the Russian Bear via Vladmir Putin's Meglomania

  1. My Esoteric profile image91
    My Esotericposted 2 years ago

    The latest move by Vladimir Putin to assert his, and therefore his country's, authority over world affairs; while at the same time giving the finger to President Obama and putting military forces in Syria and then sending cruise missiles and warplanes to attack the militants fighting Assad; and hopefully hit a few ISIS while he is at it.  (Oh, btw, he also blew away a little bit of his ally Iran in the process.)

    Before that he invaded Ukraine and annexed the Crimea and set-up shop in Eastern Ukraine.  In between, he has caused crushing sanctions to levied on his people which have been compounded by a 60% decline in oil prices upon which the economic health of Russia is intimately tied.  Nevertheless, Putin is well liked by most of his population ... so far.

    One of the most effective means for a dictator, which is what Putin is, to deflect criticism of his or her failings is to start a conflict somewhere else, such as Ukraine and Syria (well not start but move the focus).

    So, is this what Vladimir up to ... saving his political ass?  Is Obama right that Putin is acting from a position of weakness (a failing nation)?  Is Putin trying to rekindle the Soviet Union.  Has Putin reignited the Cold War?