One APPRECIATES Rewards When One EARNS Them

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    gmwilliamsposted 19 months ago
    This post is inspired by & dedicated to Ahorseback.

    Before the advent of social enrichment programs a/k/a The Great Society in the 1960s, there were poor people who advanced from being lower, working, & lower middle class into the solid middle, upper middle, &/or even the upper classes by their own bootstraps.  They worked their way up from their respective socioeconomic classes.   They KNEW that if they wanted to improve them, no one or no entity was going to do for them-they had to do it themselves.  They learned the value of hard work in the process.  Since the implementation of social enrichment programs via The Great Society, many people from the lower echelons of American Society believe that they should live the good choice w/o very little input on their part.  Such programs destroyed the work ethic, creating generations of people who believe that society & the government owe them a middle class lifestyle.  One can say that the government has become an enabler in the lives of those in the lower socioeconomic echelons.  Your thoughts on this?

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      Can you provide evidence that upward social mobility was so prevalent prior to the 1960's. Life was not easily described by the contents of an Horatio Alger handbook.

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        "Social Mobility Rates in the USA, 1920-2010: A Surname Analysis" … %20USA.pdf

        It would seems to be true in my life that what I have earned for myself has more appreciation value in the form of personal accomplishments.  I am grateful for everything I have earned, been gifted or inherited.

        There are three ways to be successful:

        Work for it
        Mafia style