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Terrorism Insecurity = 16 years of Obama and Clinton

  1. ahorseback profile image47
    ahorsebackposted 14 months ago

    Before the Obama and Clintons -  America had little concern for terror within our borders.
    Terror and immigration are related issues.
    Before the Obama and Clintons-illegal  immigration was a minor issue.
    We need a  president who  promotes patriotism and a  secure nationalism !
    Hillary will continue the weakness and lack of nationalism in America.
    Want to stop terror - vote anyone but Hillary .
    Want to stop domestic violence elect  anyone but Hillary.
    Want to protect America for your children elect anyone but Hillary.

    1. Credence2 profile image88
      Credence2posted 14 months ago in reply to this

      What about the 8 years of GW Bush, what made him so great?

      1. colorfulone profile image87
        colorfuloneposted 14 months ago in reply to this

        Yep!  It was Globalist GHBush that announced the coming of the New World Order.  The Bushs and the Clintons are close friends, they have been like family.  Barbara Bush said in an interview that she loves Bill Clinton, I listened to her say that.  I will never forget 9/11.

        Horseback and Cred, this article is very informative, "BILL CLINTON AND THE SELLING OF US SECURITY"  ...  For the Clinton crime family, selling out US national security is a family business
        http://www.infowars.com/bill-clinton-an … -security/

        Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama...has been status quo.

    2. colorfulone profile image87
      colorfuloneposted 14 months ago in reply to this

      I think Trump should and will hit Hillary Clinton with her connection with her former aid, Huma Abedin’s ties to the Muslim World League and Saudi Arabia's connections to extremism and to terrorism.

      He has to blast Hillary out of the running.

  2. PrettyPanther profile image83
    PrettyPantherposted 14 months ago

    "Liberals bad, conservatives good"
    "Democrats bad, Republicans good"
    "Hillary bad, Trump good"
    "Me right, you wrong"

    Who could argue with such a complex, nuanced position?