The Absolutly Sickening Bias of News Media !

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  1. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 2 years ago

    Is it only independent  minded political junkies that can see how clearly the Media  Bias has been perpetrated into our system today ?   Once I actually thought that all media was equally divided , ideologically ,pretty  fair and balanced ,   Does any one remember the term "accuracy in the media " and wasn't once a sense of pride ?

    Seriously !

    1. colorfulone profile image83
      colorfuloneposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Here is a great example on video with CNN and MSNBC media reporters using Hillary Clinton's talking points guidance.  When the media keeps using the same talking points we know they are a scripted joke.

      If Hillary can "power through", we can too.

  2. colorfulone profile image83
    colorfuloneposted 2 years ago

    Just thought you might like to know that former NBC journalist Katie Couric is being sued for $12 million by Second Amendment proponents who say she defamed them in a trailer for her pro-gun control documentary, Under the Gun.
    * … un-owners/

    She probably got more than $12M just for pulling that stunt.

    1. profile image0
      ahorsebackposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I saw this !   Katie , is one of the first journalist's that I knew was turning very biased , That was years ago .  She is getting exactly what all of the media  should be getting !  Now days ; who isn't biased .
      Have you seen how many times the term "powering through it " has been used by Hillary supporting media pundits  on Monday ?  It is absolutely sickening .

      Katie should go back to dating eighteen year olds . That is the scope of her maturity.

      1. colorfulone profile image83
        colorfuloneposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        The moment the Internet took over the mainstream media

        This is a good bet by Jon Rappoport.

        Is it too soon to write these words? Will the truth live only in our minds, or will it play out, as fact, in the world?

        Place your bets.

        I’m placing mine:

        History will uphold Hillary Clinton’s fame – but not for any of her deeds.

        Instead, she will become a marker for the moment when something called the Internet took over the news.

        And the basis for that judgment is simple, for those of us who are living now: the mainstream news has
        – covered up her grave physical condition;
        – tried to push her through the door of the presidency, in the most powerful nation in the world;
        – attacked independent reporters who revealed the truth, and then had to eat their own innards.

        Mainstream news was, by and large, a propaganda outlet for Mrs. Clinton in her effort to become Commander-in-Chief, the position she desperately longed for. That betrayal of journalistic integrity was exposed for anyone to notice, when her severe condition was dragged into the light, despite a massive effort to suppress it.

        Huge television news networks and newspapers of record were forced to blot out their lies and change course.

        History will tell that story and record the sea-change. History will not bury what happened, because winners write history and we are winning.

        Even if control of the Internet is handed over to censors, there is no turning back. Too much information will leak through. Too many people are determined to tell the truth.

        If she had just been another presidential candidate in an election season, the whole nasty episode would have been forgotten...
 … r-hillary/


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