How Much Trouble's America In With War Between Intel and the President

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  1. My Esoteric profile image90
    My Esotericposted 22 months ago

    For four months now #NoMandateTrump has been calling America's intelligence community (and military leaders, for that matter) incompetent and not to be trusted with the nations security.  The intel community has been pushing back to his criticism and insults.

    They have been saying:

    "Nobody wants to get off on the wrong foot with the new boss. We're heading into this different era where it's hostile," one official said. and Another official added, "It's a sad day when politicians place more stock in (Russian President Vladimir Putin and (WikiLeaks founder) Julian Assange than in the Americans who risk their lives daily to provide objective, non-partisan intelligence analysis." … index.html

    What will be the consequences from this feud and Trump's lack of confidence in any of the normal bureaucracy?

    1. wilderness profile image97
      wildernessposted 22 months agoin reply to this

      Well, we can hope.  Hope that the FBI and CIA both get their noses out of politics and quit playing the political games like finding high ranking politicians guilty of crimes and recommending they not be prosecuted for them.  Go back to their jobs and do it, letting the chips fall where they may.

      While there is certainly some truth in the statement about believing Putin and Assange more than the intel bureaucracy (as opposed to the individuals risking their lives to collect data), and it is certainly exaggerated and spun, there is also good reason for that lack of trust.

  2. Zaharamontez7118 profile image59
    Zaharamontez7118posted 22 months ago

    Knowledge is power. People fear power. In short, what is present is our future. We must embrace it regardless the opinions of individuals. There are protocols unbeknownst for reasons indeed necessary. Focus from within. Believe and always remain positive. Acheivements are founded on the constant mind altering situations that push us to push more. We are here writing. Alive. That is beauty

  3. SmartAndFun profile image96
    SmartAndFunposted 22 months ago

    This thread needs to be moved to the politics forum, please.

    1. My Esoteric profile image90
      My Esotericposted 22 months agoin reply to this

      Sorry, I forgot to set it to that.  How do I change it, start over?

  4. colorfulone profile image85
    colorfuloneposted 22 months ago

    "What will be the consequences from this feud and Trump's lack of confidence in any of the normal bureaucracy?"

    We need to get rid of the bureaucrats and promote the young Captains and Generals into positions of power, command and control, 50/1 or at least 20/1.

    Enough politics as usual with little or nothing getting accomplished for the good. We need a lot more accountability and action with favorable results.  All of the red tape and corruption has been lethal.

    Julian Assange has never lied to the public to my knowledge, Wikileaks has always been 100% accurate, reliable and verifiable. 

    I listen to what Vlad Putin says via videos, he has been telling the truth. He doesn't say things that he cannot substantiate.

    1. My Esoteric profile image90
      My Esotericposted 22 months agoin reply to this

      Had you worked for the Air Force like I did as one of those useless bureaucrats, your views would be quite a bit different.  In my 21 year career, I was responsible for saving DoD (not just the AF) 10s of millions of dollars in actual reduced costs or reduced programmed expenditures.

      The gvn't at any level ant cannot function at all without us.  Fundamentally you are suggesting the young Captains and Generals do their job without enlisted soldiers.

      1. colorfulone profile image85
        colorfuloneposted 22 months agoin reply to this

        No, I'm not suggesting that, I'm thinking of the economy.  I'm thinking of the $125 billion that the Pentagon buried evidence in bureaucratic waste, etc.  General "Mad Dog" Mattis wants to follow in the footsteps of General George Marshal (his hero, and one of mine).


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