Are you disappointed?

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  1. Don W profile image83
    Don Wposted 21 months ago

    Trump was meant to be the anti-establishment outsider who would shake things up and change politics for the better. That's who he said he was, it's how he sold himself, and it's the reason many people voted for him.

    Where is the better health care that was promised?
    Where is the draining of the swamp?
    Where is the "America First" foreign policy?

    Congress has delivered nothing on health care, let alone better health care.
    There has been no draining of the swamp.
    Military involvement in Syria has escalated, despite Trump saying "we should stop talking, stay out of Syria and other countries that hate us, rebuild our own country and make it strong and great again-USA!"

    I'm particularly curious about what people who voted for him think at this point.

    Are you disappointed? Do you believe Trump has sold you a bill of goods?

    Or do you believe he is delivering everything he said he would?

    1. profile image0
      ahorsebackposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      Guys been in office a hundred days and Don W thinks he's one , Trump's going to undo the incompetence of eight Obama -Clinton years  , Two  ,was supposed to have changed the DC, world while swimming against the establishment right and the incompetent left both .............Uh huh !

  2. Rupert Taylor profile image96
    Rupert Taylorposted 21 months ago

    I didn't vote for Trump because I am not an American, but he is behaving exactly as I thought he would. He was a serial cheating, lying, malevolent narcissist before the election; why would anyone expect him to change once in office?

    1. Paul Wingert profile image73
      Paul Wingertposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      Only a true trumptard (35% of voters right now) will continue to make excuses and deny that they've been punk'd by the orange man-baby sack of sh*t.

      1. profile image0
        ahorsebackposted 21 months agoin reply to this

        Paul , It is opines like these coming from Trump opposition  that truly entertain and enlighten the intellectual world ,  I'm so impressed by the depth and content of such statements ,  I think the "punking " is the yours to own  and to own up to.   

        You will never accept this but the rest of the world at least WILL re-learn what  a superpower leader  IS SUPPOSE to act like  , rather than Obama's weakness that  they all laughed at behind his back      It will obviously take a lot longer for the new left in America  to see through the shock and awe of the Clinton - Sanders ,- Stein , Johnson  circus act  .

        Paul , Like Hilary , maybe it's time you too "came out of the woods ".  You seem like your in the second or third stage of the shock  graph ., you're getting there .

  3. Live to Learn profile image82
    Live to Learnposted 21 months ago

    Trump was sworn in less than three months ago. I think it is too soon for adults to be whining. Mature people will give him a chance.

    1. profile image0
      ahorsebackposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      Except those of course , Those who are simply  against Trump for ideological blindness , or a  stubborn and shallow awareness of reality anyways .

    2. wilderness profile image96
      wildernessposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      But there are no adults whining...

  4. Jennifer Mugrage profile image92
    Jennifer Mugrageposted 21 months ago

    I didn't vote for him, or for Clinton.  I was horrified that those were our choices.

    Compared to what I expected from Trump, I've been relieved.  I thought he would do much more damage than he has done, and be less competent than he has been.

    His rhetoric is still foolish, IMO, but his policy decisions have been pretty good.  Maybe he's listening to his cabinet.  I hope this continues. 

    I have read some people who claim that Trump's rhetoric, rather than showing a spoiled narcissist with no self-control, is actually tactical.  Kind of hard to believe, but it would be nice.  They would be tactics I despise, but at least it would mean he's thinking rather than just reacting.

    As for draining the swamp, that's only possible as a matter of degree, not in absolute terms. Especially since Americans are divided about what constitutes toxic bog water and what is good soil that needs to stay.

    1. RTalloni profile image91
      RTalloniposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      Well put!

    2. profile image0
      ahorsebackposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      Excellent points !


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