Yeah, she was asking for it .. (Rape Myths)

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    ptosisposted 10 months ago

    Must've been at the wrong place at the wrong time ...
    Must've been flirting
    She must've acted like a victim and brought it on to herself
    She was probably dressed provocatively
    She asked for it
    She liked it
    Probably drunk at the time.
    How many past sexual partners did she previously have? … 51674.html

    An 86-year-old woman killed on the running track of Highlands High School. Both she and a younger friend were sexually assaulted and beaten. The suspect turned his attention to the 86-year-old and attacked her. He sexually assaulted her and caused injuries that led to her death. Sacramento County sheriff’s investigators on Thursday said that both women on the school track were sexually assaulted.

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      What. Is. Wrong. With. You?