Do you have empathy for Trump's Admin?

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    ptosisposted 11 months ago

    Used to laugh at SNL's depiction of Sean Spicer, now feel sorry for him and all the others in the White House who are probably stressed out to the max. It worries me that they are the only ones capable of restraining Trump from going berserk and hitting the other red button that doesn't bring him a soda on a tray.

    Trump must be the World Champion of Bad Bosses because he does all this:
    1-narcissistically demands blind adoration 
    2-arrogant audacity
    3-exacts retribution and revenge for even imagined slights
    5-sets impossibly optimistic deadlines
    6-over shares confidential information
    7-hands out back-handed compliments in pubic as a 'joke'.
    8-pits people to work against each other.
    9-never admits a mistake
    10-blames everyone else for any problems

    And finally:

    Manages like a dictator who "create a culture of distrust in which it's not safe to disclose information or work in close collaboration. Job survival here is day to day, owing to the unpredictability of the environment. Everybody is on his or her own. So who can you trust? In the volatile and politically charged workspace under a dictator, trusting your peers is risky--they may really be your enemies. Trusting your manager is just corporate suicide. Consider updating your résumé." - … oyees.html … lty-pledge

    '“With personal devotion to the president an apparent job requirement for the next FBI director, Watts said, the list of potential replacements for Comey is short.
    “It’s impossible to be an independent, impartial FBI director under Trump’s tantrums and Sessions’ pressure,” Watts said. “Who can they possibly pick?”.”

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    ptosisposted 11 months ago