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A Monument to Fallen Confederate Soldiers to be removed -

  1. abwilliams profile image28
    abwilliamsposted 11 months ago

    This statue of a Confederate Soldier has stood in Orlando, Florida for 100 years. It was placed in an Orlando City Park in 1911.
    After the Church shooting in Charleston, SC and after the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, calls and petitions for removal of the statue began.
    Today, it is on the fast-track for removal, because an Activist wants it removed before the Anniversary of the Pulse shooting.
    As if one has anything to do with the other, but this man has convinced a City that it does and that it should be removed.

    If the removal of this Monument or the removal of any other Historic Statue/Monument/Memorial would prevent another Terrorist Act or could change evil-filled hearts, preventing another senseless, horrible, heinous Act from ever occurring again, I'd be the first to say, "By All means, remove it."


    1. wilderness profile image99
      wildernessposted 11 months agoin reply to this

      I don't know if they still do, but at one time Germany required all school children to visit a holocaust camp.  They accepted the wrong of their past and used it to help prevent any future actions along the same vein.

      We, on the other hand, seem to be denying our own history in the hopes of pretending it didn't happen.  Of the two, I prefer Germany's decision.

  2. abwilliams profile image28
    abwilliamsposted 11 months ago

    I agree with you.
    The quote by Winston Churchill, "Those who fail to learn from History are doomed to repeat it", always comes to mind when talk of removing reminders of our History are discussed.
    The shooter in Charleston was deranged. The Pulse shooter was a radicalized Islamist, killing in the name of Allah, but somehow removing the statue of a Confederate Soldier is going to bring some individuals Peace....I am having a very hard time wrapping my mind around this.

  3. abwilliams profile image28
    abwilliamsposted 11 months ago

    Update: Per Orlando Mayor, the Statue will definitely be removed from the Park and relocated to a local cemetery.
    Who knew such a radical move, would be this easy. It certainly will not end here in Orlando...Watch out Gettysburg!