If you're under forty , Can you not understand politics ?.

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    ahorsebackposted 6 months ago

    And understandably so ;
    If you are under approx. forty years old -the only exposure you have had to EVEN begin to understand  a conservative politician , or politics , is the GW Bush administration  ,     your exposure and in fact, your total depth of understanding of modern day  politics is  in your impression , poorly delivered political education and popularization of  the  'image' of  what  a politician is  ;IS  the phenomenon   of the Pres. Obama regime , as well as the opposition of the Bush administration by the Clinton mafia  and the  "solution" to all of the Bush policies  by one like Bernie Sanders .

    It's no wonder you are angry ,  uninformed politically and  marching in the streets ,   You have  been hoodwinked by your own lack of an open , unbiased education and your youthful naivete, the biased influence  of the American  education  system of how politics  traditionally work[ed]s ,  how it is being transformed by the education system and popular leftist influences  and social media .  It's not really your" fault ",

    What it is though , IS TIME FOR YOU TO MATURE UP ,  open your minds ? Do you have it in you ?

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      ahorsebackposted 6 months agoin reply to this

      I actually heard a very neutral  journalist say this  a couple of weeks ago and it really got me to thinking ,   So I added my sarcasm to his point and there it is !  Sad part is , if you ARE under forty , what have you heard BUT liberal idealism spreading throughout  your elementary , middle , high schooling , obviously ,  and  the rhetoric of Clinton --Obamaites .  Added to which is the extreme liberalism of higher education ?

      So ,Is this what the younger generations are to be all about ,   essentially this is  all about "me "and what else is there ?