Troll Factories - they're real.

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    ptosisposted 8 months ago

    My life as a pro-Putin propagandist in Russia’s secret 'troll factory' - … ctory.html

    Many of those comments, she said, are inflammatory in hopes of luring out, or “trolling,” even harsher replies. Those caustic arguments can then be used by the Kremlin as an excuse to ban anti-Putin or pro-Ukranian bloggers and websites. - … 46484.html


    STAGED: Right-Wing Troll Paid Pro-Trump Protesters To Storm Shakespeare Show - … peare-show

    Jack Posobiec, a pro-Trump activist notorious for “Pizzagate” hoax wrote that  Comey, had “said under oath that Trump did not ask him to halt any investigation.”

    It mattered little that Comey had said no such thing. The tweet quickly ricocheted through the ecosystem of fake news and disinformation on the far right, where Trump partisans like Mr. Posobiec have intensified their efforts to sow doubt about the legitimacy of expanding investigations into Trump associates’ ties to Russia. - … .html?_r=0