Arizona Senator Flake's Anti-Trump Floor Speech Motivation

  1. GA Anderson profile image81
    GA Andersonposted 6 months ago

    This topic seemed to deserve its own thread, so here is ptosis' comment to start it.

    In considering his speech - and I haven't looked into him, or it anymore than what the political commentators were saying yesterday, I am wondering how a non-partisan person would take it.

    Sen. Flake has been anti-Trump all along. He even wrote some kind of book about it last year, so this is not something new. And, it seems he has been targeted by Steve Bannon in his upcoming 2018 primary. Forecasts are that he had little chance of reelection.

    Sen. Flake offered this quote as an explanation for his decision not to run for reelection:

    “I couldn’t go on and run the kind of campaign I wanted to run, and win in this kind of Republican Party. I guess the president does deserve credit if you want to call it that,” Mr. Flake said Wednesday on ABC News."

    So, is his speech and departure a last shot of truth, and a plea for the return of sanity, or a parting scream of resistance against being drained from the swamp?

    Since this is his first term, I don't think he would qualify as a swamp creature for the longevity of his membership, so could his targeting by Bannon's groups be because he exemplified the typical politician and the politics-as-usual dishonesty that American voters want to purge from our government, or could it be simply because he is anti-Trump?