Republicans plot massive tax heist as Trump runs interference

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    ptosisposted 3 months ago … 321427.php

    "Bank robbers set off a bomb down the street from the bank, and while everyone’s distracted, they get away with the loot.

    Donald Trump is the bomb. The robbers are the American oligarchs who bankroll the Republican Party, and who are plotting the biggest heist in American history — an enormous tax cut estimated to be worth up to $5.8 trillion.

    Around 80 percent of it will benefit the richest 1 percent, according to the Tax Policy Center.

    Trump is busily distracting America with his explosive tweets and incendiary tantrums — blasting Republican Sens. Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, NFL players who take a knee, Dreamers, refugees, immigrants, transgender people, the media, “rocket man,” Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, NAFTA, Muslims.

    The Trump bomb is hugely damaging — unleashing hate, threatening democratic institutions, isolating America in the world. But none of this seems to bother Republicans in Congress. That’s because congressional Republicans are concentrating their efforts on pulling off the giant heist for their rich patrons."

    Question : If trumpeteers know that the game is rigged, then why do they believe that THEY elected TRump to power and not Wall Street?

    If the elections are rigged as Trump said so many times, then why do Trumpeteers think that his election is legit? If the entire system is rigged, wouldn't that also include Trump's election?

    Why was Trump chosen over Clinton? We know Clinton is in the pocket of Wall street - so why choose Trump? Did the 'powers that be' believed that he was more manageable? LOL

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      wildernessposted 3 months agoin reply to this

      A tax "heist" is it?  Only if you assume that you have an innate right to what others have earned and legitimately own.  Considering that those tax breaks are going to those that already pay 100 or 1000 times what the average American pays, and that this great break will reduce that figure to only 99 or 999 times what the rest of us pay, it seems only reasonable that they get the lions share of the tax breaks.  Unless, of course, one subscribes to theory that all that loot belongs to them, not the real owner.

      "We know Clinton is in the pocket of Wall street - so why choose Trump?"

      If you refuse to listen or believe the reasons so often and so plainly given then repeating them won't help.

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    colorfuloneposted 3 months ago

    FOUR Pinocchios for the Senate Democrats' claims on the GOP tax plan. When Democrats lie so blatantly about tax reform that even Dem Senator Kamala Harris gets taken down by the Washington Post - its time to throw them out. … b128bfd668

    Amazing that WoPo is even stepping up to throw Democrats under the bus.  I guess there is hope for the liberal media yet.  Lots of room for prayer.