How is it possible for a Police officer to assault a member of the General publi

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  1. profile image45
    Whichburnerposted 9 years ago

    How is it possible for a Police officer to assault a member of the General public,who then dies & only be suspended?

  2. Mina Lincoln profile image54
    Mina Lincolnposted 9 years ago

    Unfortunately the possibility is REAL because we have a Criminal Justice System that is in reality more corrupt than NOT.  The facts however are important to determine if corruption plays into the situation in this case.  The officer's suspension is a key element in this> What were the grounds for this suspension.  Was the engagement of this officer legally justified?  Was the victim armed?  Was the officer initiating an arrest?

  3. survivor49 profile image58
    survivor49posted 8 years ago

    Abuse of Power is a major problem within all police and state police departments.  I am a survivor of Domestic Violence.  A Pa State Trooper dragged me with his state police car and left me in the middle of the road bleeding and begging for help.  He left me there.  He was not even suspended!!  Nothing, he was able to retire from the department at the age of 48.

    Please read my blogs.

    Thank you,

    Rosa Torres-Sadler

  4. theman6007 profile image61
    theman6007posted 8 years ago

    Law enforcement agencies are fraternal orginizations.An understanding of this overlooked fact is essential to a persons interaction with law enforcement officials.I worked as a Correctional Officer in Maryland during the 80's,and whenever exessive force was used against an inmate the norm was to write in a report that the minimal amount of force was used to subdue the inmate.That would be the end of the incident.However if the inmate died after wards,then legal proceedings would commence.Most likely the officer or officer's who beat the inmate to death would be exonerated because the inmate is deemed as being scum,The dead inmates criminal back ground would be entered in evidence as proof of his contributing factors that led to his own demise.So if a police assaults a civilian,the civilian is presumed to be automatically at fault for crossing the officers path.

  5. SpiderBytes profile image83
    SpiderBytesposted 8 years ago

    Law enforcement officers in America are sworn to protect and to serve, yet is it possible to put so much authority into the hands of so few and still expect every officer to always act with the utmost respect for that oath? read more

  6. justom profile image67
    justomposted 8 years ago

    And suspended WITH pay. I'll tell you why It's called the F.O.P., the police union is one of the most corrupt unions in this country


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