Whatever Happened to the Social Security Debate?

  1. ShortSalesMVP profile image61
    ShortSalesMVPposted 8 years ago

    Whatever Happened to the Social Security Debate?

    A few years back everyone had a plan, we all know social security will go bankrupt soon,  I have to say the Plan the Bush white house brought forward was not great, but it was a wake up call.  I am not sure if privatization is necessary but they system need to change. because folks in they mid 30s a

  2. Tom T profile image70
    Tom Tposted 8 years ago

    I think there are bigger fish to fry right now.  People need jobs.  The economy needs to get going again.  The country needs to get this ballooning debt under control.  I'd say if you are under 50, you best not plan to get any social security.  Sorry to be such a downer but I can't see an easy way to fix this except cut benefits or raise taxes to extraordinary levels.