once someone has committed a crime, should society add to the problem by making

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  1. profile image52
    torrilposted 14 years ago

    once someone has committed a crime, should society add to the problem by making it hard to get a job

    to decide what society expects offenders to do once they have served their time and no one will employ them because of there criminal record, should a person be given a second chance to be able to earn a living for himself and his family, or be punished further by society and not have an option but to commit crime, or remain on state help all their lives. Especially if the have learned there lesson and are sorry.
    should we be obliged to help these people find work so they can make some contribution to the victims and pay tax, or at least give them the skills needed for work,

  2. bill yon profile image72
    bill yonposted 14 years ago

    yes majority of people that commit crime truly learn from their mistakes.you see real criminals do not search for jobs,because they rob and steal or whatever for a living.if jesus died for us to have a second chance to get into heaven then why doesn't our society give second chances?

  3. Kebennett1 profile image61
    Kebennett1posted 14 years ago

    If a person is not guilty of felony violence or a sexual crime then I believe a person should be reintroduced to society and be given the right to work. I Think that as part of the prison release program there should be a work release program where a parolee is educated in a trade and put to work. When they are put to work I believe that a percentage of the parolee's paycheck each month should go to pay back the trade school until the tuition is paid off. I believe this is the best way to keep parolee's from ending up back in prison. They are given something to work towards, something to be proud of and a way to make a living. I wish this was already instituted and less time was spent in prison for non-violent offenders and more time spent in learning a trade! I think a trade school would cost a lot less than prison and I don't believe prison will make as much rehabilitative difference as giving a person a trade so they will not steal, be active in a gang (they won't have time when working), not need drugs to feel good about themselves etc...  I think having a job makes a big difference in a persons life.

  4. profile image50
    TandTposted 14 years ago

    This is a REAL question that most people, who have never commited a crime and,never lost their jobs do not and have not thought about such a question!First of all,I belive that the system was not designed for every"American" to have a job and to create an established foundation for most individuals and their families.In today's society if a person commits a crime, he can pretty much forget about getting a good job.Society has tried to exclude them from what every person must do in order to live in this world and, that my friend is WORK!!! God forgives us for the sins we commit but this society will try to condem you and put it on paper!This is one of the reasons why the economy is in the situation it's in!No jobs and no work!! I don't condone violence or crime but once a person pay thier debt to society they should be allowed to work where they can.If a man can't work he is idle,restless,unconfident,scared and confused because they can't find work because their background is always in the forefront.This system is designed to break people who don't "fit in" with the design. But all it has done is keep more crime on the rise.Some people feel like If they can't work then,they might as well do dirt!In realtity and truth they are the ones doin the most dirt.I belive we are obliged to help people in these situations to help them get thier lives together. Thank You for this puestion. It's something we all should be talking about. Take care and stay encouraged.

  5. cosmetics author profile image61
    cosmetics authorposted 14 years ago

    I believe that it would depend highly on the crime that was committed, the individual, and any other relevant circumstances. The legal system does take into consideration pardons for reasons such as employment and travel.

  6. annb106 profile image59
    annb106posted 14 years ago

    No, the society is not fair.They take the lively hood of our loved ones away when they put their crimes out there keeping them from getting a job. When they do whatever they have to do to make it then they are looked down on as a minus to society or less. It's not right.

  7. silver lining 5 profile image59
    silver lining 5posted 14 years ago

    People make mistakes and unfortunately sometimes those mistakes can bring you into the systems legal web.  Once you're there it is a punishment in itself.  We all have our battles to fight but when the legal system gets a hold of you and you get  criminal record on the books, it's the beginning of the end. 
    A career criminal is a different case, they need to be kept out of society.  They are usually unrehabitable and keep doing the crime and ending up in prison.  If you are a person that has made a mistake and have  criminal record, I think there should be a program in place where they can be evaluated and given a chance to work and earn a good living.  There are criminals in Washington robbing millions of dollars from us everyday and we don't get to send them to jail.  Yes these people should have a chance to wipe the record clean.

  8. Terry B. Davis profile image64
    Terry B. Davisposted 14 years ago

    First off your question show a bias, and lends itself to the conclusion that society is responsible. With that said, what is your personal belief regarding individual responsibility, vresus societies responsibilities for individuals.
    If you believe in individual responsibility, then the individual placed himself/herself into that situation and only they can get themselves out, or in this case rehabilitate themselves. Antime there is competition for a job the individual with the best quailifications for a job will get it. So first a person released from jail must rebuild his character. Prove to others that he is an honest and hard worker, and demonstrate that over time in order to rehabilitate himself, and get the better jobs. Is it hard, you bet, can it be done, yes it can.
    On the other hand, if you believe it is societies responsibility. Then you have to give them a job, a home, transportation, and everything else. Does the person have to change, or demonstrait that they have changed in anyway, shape or form, No. So what are the odds that they will change, very, very low.
    I have seen very few criminals rehabilitate themselves, it takes a lot of hard work, and perseverance, which a majority lack and even fewer can or want to learn. Most take the easy way out and then blame everything, everyone and their dog for their problems.
    Check out my Reformation plan for the California Department of Corrections, make criminals responsible for their crimes and responsible for their rehabilitation and release from prison.

    Terry B. Davis

  9. profile image51
    Sarahraraposted 14 years ago

    I believe that anyone who has committed a crime should not continue to be punished after they have completed a prison sentence. I have been on both sides of sex offender laws, as a victim myself and I have a loved one whose life is being ruined by so-called "statutory rape" laws that lump him in with those who commit those terrible crimes. Even so, I would want the man who attacked ME to have the ability to move on after his release from prison. I don't think he should have to put his name and address and car information down on a website. I think he should have the ability to have the conviction expunged after he's proven himself rehabilitated.

    Most crimes that are considered violent -- even ones where the committed crime was not violent, like statutory rape -- are NEVER able to be expunged. The Second Chance Act needs to be expanded so that EVERY ex-criminal EVERYWHERE should have the ability to move on. I think that certain jobs where children are not present at all should be made available to felons. I think that background and credit checks should be limited to those places where they are needed, like in schools and bus drivers. Perhaps expanded to include places like fast food, where teenagers are routinely hired. But jobs like truck driving, construction, and warehouse work shouldn't have "security" checks into people's backgrounds.

    TRUST PEOPLE. Of the 600,000 sex offenders on the national list, only half actually committed a second crime. Only FIVE PERCENT actually committed a crime related to the first. In other words, only five percent of the 600,000 sex offenders actually committed a second sexual crime. These are what are known as "outliers" in statistics. They are outside the norm. In fact, if you took a hard look at the forty-five percent who re-offended in a non-sexual manner, I have no doubt you'd find they were financially-related: theft and drugs.

  10. force of habit profile image60
    force of habitposted 13 years ago

    I believe that when someone had served his/her sentence or have completed the punishment for an offense or crime, his or her criminal record should not be a factor in most instances and employment opportunities. In fact, there should be laws that would generally protect ex-convicts from such discrimination. The purpose of correctional facilities is to rehabilitate and prepare the inmates to return to society once they are released. They supposedly had already paid their dues and should be given another chance to contribute to society. I know that many victims may disagree and feel that this discrimination also forms part of their punishment.

  11. klw1157 profile image86
    klw1157posted 9 years ago

    I realize that this question has been around for a while but the topic is just as prevalent today as ever. In truth society does much to hold down those who have already slipped and fallen by committing a crime and having been caught, paid their to society. Having served 29 months in two different Federal Prison Camp facilities. I can say from experience that while prison does contain those who are basically career criminals and who in all probability will not return to freedom when that day comes looking to find a job, settle down and become a productive member of society but will yet again be looking for a criminal enterprise which to exploit, in my experience the number of those people is a much smaller percentage than that of those who are genuinely sorry for what they have done, hate prison and all that it stands for and are anxious to put the experience behind them and get on with their lives. Sadly society clings to the misconception that all prison facilities, even those at the camp level are filled to the brim with hardened, life time criminals who are simply biding their time while incarcerated and patiently waiting for the day when they will once again be turned out in order that they may spread across the country on a mission to once again rape, pillage and rob the innocents and the unsuspecting "good" people. Nothing could be further from the truth! What is true is that the systems both on the State and definitely on the Federal Level are seriously flawed often resulting in someone who has been charged with, then convicted and I use that term loosely because it is not a secret that some 90% of Federal cases result in a plea bargain in which the person who has been charged agrees to plead to a lesser charge and a better deal in order to avoid what he is assured by authorities will be a long and tedious trial resulting in a much longer sentence, admittedly an additional punishment handed down by the system to anyone who has the courage to fight them in court. This does two things, it keeps their rate of conviction at high and frankly inaccurate numbers. It is in fact hard to lose against someone who has been essentially forced to plead and it keeps the court rooms from being massively backlogged from the number of cases, many unnecessary, that are brought to trial. I could write on the subject all day because it is a true injustice but as I am running out of space so the quick answer to your question is simply no. It should not it should help!


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