Are our Heads of State well protected from being assassinated?

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  1. DancingRedFeather profile image60
    DancingRedFeatherposted 9 years ago

    Are our Heads of State well protected from being assassinated?

    Ever since the killings of presidents of the pass, I wonder what could have been done more to protect them. Since 911 - it seems that it's hard to protect the population as no one ever knows when they will strike. I sent a threating e-mail to the FBI I received which a Israelian said God tolk him that Clinton is the last satan filling Obama's mind with evil thing against the Jews. That Clinton & his family should be nailed to the crosses & that God said to kill them & destroy USA. I didn't take the threat lightly. God doesn't need humans . He has destroyed cities & thousand in the past.

  2. someonewhoknows profile image73
    someonewhoknowsposted 9 years ago

    I'm wondering why the e-mail was sent to you.Was it sent to others as well or just you? In anycase it sounds like a nutcase. The only other explanation is he's really hearing voices in his head telling him to do these things.I know there is technology that can do that. But as to who might be using it,I wouldn't know.. Every once in a while I hear stories about people who claimed to hear god tell them to do something like what you describe in your e-mail..

  3. DancingRedFeather profile image60
    DancingRedFeatherposted 9 years ago

    was sent to everyone not just me. Well, with the times as it is, one mustn't just ignore such messages. The FBI answered and thanked me for forwarding that e-mail. I know that our heads of states are in the target of nuts. By chance during Obama's campaign, a van was stopped for a broken taillight and the police found him suspicious and to make it short, he was on his way to join 4 others who had planned his trust me it is in the kill Clinton and his family and Obama too.

  4. oldman1941 profile image56
    oldman1941posted 8 years ago

    To an excess I believe.  Since 911 more laws and restrictions fill tons of paper and recruit many to serve in that line of duty as security agents.  Just attend a protest rally some day and you can feel their steely eye balls on the ground and in the air!

  5. Wayne Brown profile image84
    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    On a relative basis, the answer would be "yes".  The primary reason is that we take more precautions today even though there is not necessarily a threat.  Essentially, we treat every day as if there is a threat in terms of the level of security.  This is quite a change from the era of JFK.  You only have to look at photos of him in public places such as his last visit to Dallas to realize how exposed he was to danger at the time. Some of that was by his choice but some of it was just the inability of our security people to visualize such an occurrence.  There is no methodology short of isolation that will totally take away the threat of assasination. Given the right people, the right situation and equipment and anything is possible though the stakes and the risk of pulling it off successfully are high. WB


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