Is the Islamic State a greater threat to the world than Hitler and the Nazi's?

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  1. one2get2no profile image81
    one2get2noposted 4 years ago

    Is the Islamic State a greater threat to the world than Hitler and the Nazi's?

    At least this time the west has recognised the danger and is ready to cut the cancer out completely.

  2. cjhunsinger profile image71
    cjhunsingerposted 4 years ago


    I would not be so quick to think that Obama is really going after ISIS. They are after all Muslims. Consider, if you will, the US has removed all those governments that held these radicals at bey. The Obama Administration has, literally, turned over a billion dollars worth of military equipment to ISIS with the abandoning if Iraq. Obama had known of ISIS for over a year and has done nothing. He has patterned this fight, after our strategy in Yemen, which is a failed policy. Our planes bomb cars and trucks, one or two at a time. He declared this a fight against ISIS, not a declared war with Congressional approval. This allows ambiguity, no beginning, no middle and no end, but rather a constant state of war draining us of our treasure and our lives and,  too, our resolve.
    He boosts of a broad coalition, but there are no names, no commitments. This is a man who is a documented liar, who has lied repeatedly to Congress and to the American people.  Perhaps, the only truth he has spoken is that he will 'fundamentally change America'. keep in mind the foundation  of America is the Constitution and our resolve and strength to maintain it.

  3. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 4 years ago

    Exactly. With social media this situation that we are in is in our homes daily. Some still refuse the Nazi's did not commit the war crimes that they are responsible for. The killing of millions of Jews.

    Hopefully, President Obama has something up his sleeve that will deal with this problem quicker and more effectively. If left unhindered, this situation could become such a problem.

  4. SANJAY LAKHANPAL profile image84
    SANJAY LAKHANPALposted 4 years ago

    Yes it is so. Even Islam itself is a great threat due to its intolerance. The religion professes to convert or exterminate those who do not believe in Islam. Therefore there are no moderates. All are bigots, as not even a single believer in Islam has so far denounced the aforesaid fundamental idea of their religion. The majority of them are illiterates and they cannot be intellectually cured. The educated ones are worse, as they use the former as tools to advance their evil designs.

  5. manatita44 profile image84
    manatita44posted 4 years ago

    Hitler an the Nazis exists in the hearts and minds of men and women everywhere. History has told us of the history of some of the most brutal people who ever lived, all the way back to thousands of years.

    I dare say it will continue to produce them and some are in our prisons now, but a greater majority are free to roam.
    The Light of Love came and will keep on coming and is there to be embraced when each Soul is ready. What were you thinking of cutting this Cancer with? I bid you much peace.

  6. kayssar yaacoub profile image58
    kayssar yaacoubposted 4 years ago

    i'm a Middle Eastern.I would easily say no because:
    1-it doesn't have the technical human resources to use the dangerous weapons they took over.
    2-they were created in exceptional situations (Syrian revolution and Iraqi Sunni protests) and they will end as soon as these situations will be solved (they are not accepted by the local societies but they imposed themselves as manifestations of these odd situations).

  7. alancaster149 profile image86
    alancaster149posted 4 years ago

    Yes and no.
    They're not quite in the same league as Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot. ISIS haven't reached the industrial levels of annihilating whole sections of the population, and never will. They're still a 'cottage industry' in the extermination stakes. The hostage taking is a bid to raise their profile, and 'Jihadi John' would run a mile if he thought the SAS or Navy Seals were on his back.
    It's the Western, Central or Eastern Powers who have the yen for wholesale slaughter. We've had more practice, starting with the Crusades (still pretty local) 100 Years' War - a bit more widespread, 30 Years' War - going for bust right across Europe with the use of large armies and new-fangled cannon etc, WWI - really industrial scale, WWII - mega-global, no holds barred slogging matches like Stalingrad, El Alamein and Iwo Jima, Korean War threatened to go ballistic, Vietnam was almost ballistic.
    Compared to that ISIS still has to find its feet, but they'd melt away before they lost too many. They're a mental threat more than physical: insidious, hard to pin down, elusive... In a word, 'foxy'.

  8. Zelkiiro profile image94
    Zelkiiroposted 4 years ago

    Not really, no. Radical Muslims who are willing to commit heinous acts at least give you the option of converting rather than dying; German Jews didn't have that luxury.

  9. Say Yes To Life profile image80
    Say Yes To Lifeposted 4 years ago

    I believe they are.  I took a class in criminal justice, and I understand there are Islam terrorist groups all over the world, including here in the US.  Some of them are very nice, attempting to convert people, then once the new converts are vulnerable and in their clutches, they murder them.  They appear to accept new converts, but that's not true.
    Hitler used "divide and conquer"; he did it to the Catholic church and the Russians, mainly.  He was overcome by those who knew how to unite and conquer.  People who use force and deceit to achieve what they want should always be suspected.

  10. John Foxx profile image60
    John Foxxposted 4 years ago

    Probably not.  Hitler and the National Socialists came to power in an almost traditional way and took over an established country which was suffering badly because of the worldwide depression and an incompetent (Weimar) regime.  Germans were looking for a better deal and Hitler promised them that.  ISIS is seeking to carve out a brand new entity in the world, hence the change in the name from ISIS or ISIL to just IS refusing to recognize the existence of Iraq, Syria or the Levant nations.  IS victories have come largely at the expense of military forces not willing to fight them and helpless noncombatant non Islamic minorities.  When IS forces have faced real opposition (Kurds and Sunni tribal militias in Anbar Province (Iraq), they have withered and melted away.


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