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why does Bin Laden have a beard?

  1. profile image49
    khoustelloposted 8 years ago

    why does Bin Laden have a beard?

  2. Ralph Deeds profile image63
    Ralph Deedsposted 8 years ago

    Because he's an adult Muslim male? Or to cover up his acne?

  3. nextstopjupiter profile image81
    nextstopjupiterposted 8 years ago

    Because he is too lazy to shave himself every day!

  4. aj's profile image76
    aj'sposted 8 years ago

    ha ha... pretty funny question. Its like asking why should you use pencil to write. Man, its your choice to use either a pen or a pencil to write. Let the man have the beard.
    Hope he'll get caught sooner for good...

  5. stuart747 profile image60
    stuart747posted 8 years ago

    All that sand ruins his razors, and if his army is so advanced in modern warfare why does he still post his videos on VHS cassettes rather than DVD's