Who is the better president Obama, Clinton, or Bush?

  1. Chocolat Diva profile image53
    Chocolat Divaposted 8 years ago

    Who is the better president Obama, Clinton, or Bush?

  2. mkott profile image74
    mkottposted 8 years ago

    Really don't think it is fair to include Obama.  hasn't even finished his first year in office.  My question would be who left this country better off than when they took office?  It's not Bush.  If anyone says Bush they need to go do some research and re-evaluate that answer.  Bush Sr and Clinton left with things pretty much the same.  If I remember correctly Bush Sr did drive the deficit up.  If you can not keep things on an even ground or improve upon what was given you then you have failed.  If I ran a company like GW ran this country I would have been fired.  I think Obama has a tought road ahead of him.  Especially since some Americans seem to have no respect for the leader of this country.  I didn't like GW Bush but I would have never said some of the things people think is okay to say about Obama. 

    Take the high road people.  Americans need to work together for the common good of this country.

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